I have been called many time times by this company, and last time they were foolish enough to leave their number and an alternative on my answer phone.
Many thanks to this forum for identifying the culprits as my number is registered with the TPS they have committed a crimial act under the Privacy and Electronic (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 initaillay make a complaint to the TPS at http://complaints.tpsonline.org.uk/Consumer/Default.aspx before escalating to the Office of the Information Comissioner or the Police.

If you believe that this is a scam, which I do, you can also report them to tradings standards at https://secure.consumerdirect.gov.uk/reportascam.aspx

The stupidity of this company is that on the first call I told them I did not have a Sky Box and that I was registered with the TPS and if they had not called me back each week for the past 2 months and then left their number on my answermachine, I might not have bothered reporting them. Bottom line is though unless several people report them then authorites will not act.
 Jul 28th, 2009