This number called, I answered and they hung up. Annoying! 11/08/08
 Aug 11th, 2008
It's British Gas - they won't take no for an answer, and will call back the following day at roughly the same time using their autodialler - the silence is because when you answer it's connected an operator.

You can forget TPS - BG have outsourced their telemarketing - somewhere else in world - obviously TPS won't apply there!

This has been going on and off for years.

I've called the complaints line which informed me that the 'marketing preference' flag showed that I was willing to take calls - I had said no when I signed up to them years ago. I was told they used a different system back then meaning they 'lost' the previous settings. I got the answer that they didn't know how long it would take for this to be actioned - I gave them 48 hours, at which point I was told they would change it today! We'll see!

I've tried asking for written details before - that didn't stop them for long.
 Jul 11th, 2008
Kept getting silent calls. eventually I stayed on the line and they said they were british gas and wanted to visit and what day would I be in.
I didnt commit to an answer and told them to put it in writing, unsurprisingly the guy lost interest and I would be very surprised if i heard from them through the post. Initially he asked for my landlady and then said they wanted to make a yearly homecare visit - any visit would be due in january, not june anyway.
I have been registered with the TPS for a long time, seems it makes no difference.

Insist they put everything in writing, seems the quickest way for them to lose interest
 Jun 11th, 2008
Caller dials multiple numbers and connects to the first number that answers, If that isn't yours, you get a disconnected tone. Cold sales from British Gas call centre telling you how wonderful they are if you do pick up first.
Ian A
 Dec 20th, 2007
I applied for Homecare cover two days ago, and today I've had three silent calls from what appears to be British Gas (from the information on this site). Calls end as soon as they are answered.
 Nov 29th, 2007
Long pause after answering, until member of staff eventually came on line and asked for Mr or Mrs wrongly pronounced name. Just hung up, since realised that it was an automated dialling service.
 Nov 27th, 2007
We have boiler Homecare with them and they called me to make an appointment to do the annual service.
No problem with that!!
 Nov 08th, 2007
ring - say nothing, so u ring em back. British Gas
 Oct 31st, 2007
I had this number call me. I called it back and it said 'You were called today by British Gas Services. We will contact you again in the near future.' Sounds a bit odd to me.
 Oct 30th, 2007
Another pain in the butt 0870 caller - can't businesses find more honest ways of making cash ?
 Oct 26th, 2007
As peopel ahve mentioned it's British Gas wanting to discuss your Homecare agreement - or selll you one if you haven't got one I guess.
 Oct 23rd, 2007
British Gas, wanted to talk to the account holder who is my husband but refused to talk to me, and when I asked further was told it was a courtesy call to say thanks for being a custome (I assume they mean they're Home Care service which we have) we don't even have British Gas! They ring five or six times a week, often three times every few days in a morning. Needs reporting!
 Oct 18th, 2007
Same thing, annoying as ever
 Oct 11th, 2007
Rings once, hangs up. Annoying repeats.
Peter G
 Oct 05th, 2007
They rang off when I answered... and looking at the comments below this seems to be a common theme!
 Oct 04th, 2007
2 calls, both time with a recorded message
 Sep 29th, 2007
they ring me about three times a day - i haven't answered yet - looks like the kind of number that charges you
 Sep 05th, 2007
Just got a call from this number, they keep hassling me every week or so. Told the woman to f*ck off, and she got quite upset about that, and started going on about how she asked me politely not to swear, before I replied that she'd mistaken me for someone who gives a sh*t. Dunno where they got my number from, but they think I'm someone else and have the wrong address.
 Sep 04th, 2007
they ring your phone and hang up if you answer or hope you reply when finding a missed call , i suspect its premium rate. Ignore the call place it in your phone book now as ignore number to remind your self.
 Sep 03rd, 2007
every day for weeks now sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.
 Sep 03rd, 2007
The phone rang picked up phone it was giving and engaged tone.
Had a few calls like this ..
 Aug 25th, 2007
About 11.45 today and yesterday this number called, when answered there was just silence
 Aug 14th, 2007
This is British Gas homecare sales. It's not even a human dialing the phone; they use a computer that dials repeatedly from a long list (of our numbers) - if there is an agent available you are connected, if not it hangs up as soon as you answer.

Ofcom should ban this type of harassment.
 Aug 07th, 2007
they called and only let it ring twice before ringing off and then again i answered but with no one at the other end
 Jul 27th, 2007
I keep getting missed calls from this number, but i never hear it ring!
 Jul 26th, 2007
... and another two more calls in the hour since I posted that link ...
 Jul 24th, 2007
Had half a dozen calls from these goons over the last few days. It only rings once or twice and then cuts off.

You can register a complaint with the telephone regulator OfCom about repeated silent or unwanted sales calls:
and needless to say I will be doing so about this caller !
 Jul 24th, 2007
Numerous calls over the last couple of months.
Several times a day
3 times in the last hour
No one there when I pick up and loads of calls shown on caller dispaly
Poor as I am already a customer
Have asked to be put on "do not call" list
 Jul 18th, 2007
I am averaging about two calls a week and as others have found they say nothing- just silence. I just need them to stop.
 Jul 16th, 2007
Phoned me evryday just once then rung off ????
 Jul 11th, 2007
Called again today and some twat just says hello about 5 times. Not funny if you work nights!
Matt M20
 Jul 10th, 2007
noisy call-centre background noise, but no reply. Line then went dead
 Jul 03rd, 2007
I have complained to them and the TPS. Doubt it will do any good tho.
 Jun 23rd, 2007
i have received 35 calls from thm in 10 ten days they let it ring long enough for me to answer and on the rare occasion i did they didnt speak....very annoying
 Jun 21st, 2007
when I answered this call, I heard a message purporting to be from BT saying they were sorry they ciouldn't talk to me at this time, and giving an 0800 number to phone to be removed from the calling lists...very odd.
Ruth Evans
 Jun 19th, 2007
they called to day then the line went dead
 Jun 18th, 2007
3 calls this morning from this number. British Gas asking me if I wanted to update my Homecare cover for eletrical appliances.
 Jun 16th, 2007
Several calls from the number but alsways silence if I pick up
 Jun 15th, 2007
after 5 calls from british gas in which i told them i was not interested in changing from power-gen i then received another call from different no, after that put answer phone on and they just hang up when no-one speaks to them, maybe they will give up in the end!!
 Jun 07th, 2007
Two calls tonight, and they didn't leave a message! Gits!
Antony Shepherd
 Jun 04th, 2007
Just rang then went dead on answer
 May 31st, 2007
british gas homecare, no message must be an outodialler software.
 May 29th, 2007
It's British Gas Homecare - trying to get boiler cover renewed!
 May 26th, 2007
12:55pmI picked up the phone said "hello" met with silence said "hello" again then cut off.
Cliff Fenton
 May 26th, 2007
I have received 2 calls from this number this evening. 18/05/07.
 May 18th, 2007
British Gas Home Services, probably trying to get you to upgrade your 'Boiler Homecare'
 May 17th, 2007
Apparently it's British Gas - I never get to answer it as it stops after 2 rings. Had about 6 calls from them recently.
 May 17th, 2007
No message left
 May 16th, 2007
Recieved about 5 calls now from this number. The phone wrings for a second and then stops.
 May 16th, 2007
 May 11th, 2007
I picked up and said "Hello", they put the phone down
 May 08th, 2007
so far today they have rang three times,it its not even 11 o clock yet.
 May 04th, 2007
They have called me everyday for a couple of weeks and they say nothing - just silence
 Apr 18th, 2007
its British Gas
 Mar 28th, 2007
Tell them to BOG off
 Feb 07th, 2007