I think this is a call centre that all of the companys use to send out important messages to their clients. I believe they send all their clients numbers to this call centre along with a message to be conveyed to each person. ie - Lloyds: You have a new card to register or you owe us money. Nationwide all use this company and I am guessing Virgin credit card amongst others. The call centre should not ask for personal details, again I believe they should only be passing on messages.

This is only my opinion, but I am pretty sure this is what is going on. Do all the messages and callers seem to be foreign? I think using a call centre to pass on messages is a cheaper alternative and less time consuming for the big companies - In short the easy way !
 Feb 20th, 2009

It appears that it is legit after I spoke to Lloyds TSB through a different number, it was regarding authorising a new card that they had sent me. However it still seems to me to be a really stupid way of contacting people, through a third party and an unidentifiable phone number - A bad business idea to be sure! My advise is don't call the 0845 6306967 number as all you will hear is an automated voice message, call the customer service number on the back of your card, speak to a real person and tell them that "thanks but no thanks and cancel your credit card".
 Apr 01st, 2008
Calls from 0845 6306967 - whether it's legitimate or not it does seem a little odd to say the least that persons from a financial institution(if they really are one) resort to informing you that there is something wrong with one of your accounts, by means of 1) Cold calling you from a number that doesn't associate with any of my bank or credit card company numbers. 2) Has no real person to talk to and gives no mention of the company from which they are calling from.
Who ever thought that this was a good idea is really a little thick and I hope if the person that thought it up does work for a bank that their next project is nothing more complicated than taking the orders for tea and coffee. In an age where we are all advised to keep as much personal information personal regarding the threat of identity theft, who in their right mind is going to give out D.O.B. and account details to some stranger that already has your name and phone number?
 Apr 01st, 2008
Rang me asking me to press 1 if i was the named person, name they gave have no idea who it is, 2 if I was not. Goes on from there to ask for other personal info.

Tried to tell them that they are interfering in a crime scene and i had to clean the mess up and remove the bodies, and asked why they are calling this number, did they know any of the victims, or having a sexual relationship with the guy strung up with the orange in his mouth.
 Apr 01st, 2008
I've had 2 calls from this number and another from an unavailable number in the last 24 hours, all with the same recorded message - supposedly from Lloyd's TSB asking me to press any key to continue. I hung up on all 3 calls.
 Mar 18th, 2008
My daughter answered phone and said it was Lloyds - I did 1471 and ansaphone said bank/utilities/service provider were trying to contact
 Mar 10th, 2008
 Nov 13th, 2007
called 1471 said called by bank. card provider or utility found this deeply suspicious. if genuine plz...IDENTIFY YOUR COMPANY ETC. wont be answering any questions if manage to get reply
 Nov 13th, 2007
Automated call asking me to press any button,so just hung up. Searched for number on net and found this site to report it, glad I did.
 Nov 10th, 2007
Claimed to be from Halifax Card Services. I Hung up. If this service is legitimate the banks are idiots to think we'll respond to an automated voice.
 Nov 06th, 2007
3 calls in the space of 18 hours, all Lloyds TSB Customer Services in an auomated voice asking me to press any button to continue.
So, I pressed the "hangup" button and then ..... nothing.
Some customer services they are - I don't even have an account, I've a good mind to write a letter......
 Oct 31st, 2007
Rang twice this morning, both times left a 1571 message 'Press any key to continue'. So I pressed 3 and it was deleted.
 Oct 23rd, 2007
Two pre recorded calls at 0820 and 1800. I out phone down quickly but first one began "This is an urgent security call..." the second carried on [I listened a little longer] "from Lloyds TSB".

Did not believe it for a minute. Might listen longer next time to see what is says.
 Oct 18th, 2007
Receieved 3 calls stating `hello.. then my name.. please press one to continue`. Obviously i didn`t. My mum recieved a call and did and it put her through to someone claiming to be from Lloyds TSB. Asked if my dad lived here, and if they could reach him on this number.
 Sep 26th, 2007
Had it as a missed call and no message left so can't be important.
 Sep 21st, 2007
Had a missed call from this no. this morning, called it back and got a message saying 'you have missed a call from your bank / utilities or service provider' seemed stranged so i googled the number and found this site. Thank You
 Sep 20th, 2007
I got to work this morning and there were 5 missed calls from this number - when I calle dback it just said 'your bank or building society is trying to contact you. We will call back later'. Googled the number and this page came up - many thanks indeed.
 Sep 17th, 2007
4 or 5 call this week purporting to be from Llyds TSB
 Sep 15th, 2007
I don't know who keeps calilng me but they are doing it 3 times a day or leaving me blank voicemails or I just hear nothing when i pick up. Have had a menu selection option before and hung up then too.
 Sep 13th, 2007
they say they are natwest, they have been ringing for a week now 4 times a day!
 Sep 07th, 2007
the number called me but no one spoke... silence, so i just kept my phone off the hook to waist their money.
 Sep 07th, 2007
Called on home and mobile numbers several times stating to be from Lloyds TSB
Laura Parkinson
 Aug 26th, 2007
Claimed as security call. Press any button for any button. I hung up.
 Aug 25th, 2007
Been called three times today claiming to be from Egg
 Aug 23rd, 2007
I've just had the same call. They claimed to be from Egg and I do have an Egg card.

But all communication is done via email so I was immediately suspicious and have reported the call to Egg.
Egg girl
 Aug 23rd, 2007
Got repeated automated calls from this number saying it was Nationwide Building Society and asking after someone I hadnt heard of. Complained to Nationwide, they said yes it was us, sorry we'll stop the calls. The calls stopped. This was a month ago. Now they've started again asking for the same person again and this time Nationwide say its definitely not them. Puzzling.
 Aug 22nd, 2007
Back again Im such a complainer, looks like Lloyds TSB use this automated system to spot fraud, its called 'FIRST ALERT'. From their Press Pack "First Alert will enable us to spot fraud more quickly so we can ....." (rectify it)
fill in the blanks
Of course I would be the first to applaud it, if it really prevented fraud and it didn't become a nusiance.
Next the banks will want to GPS track you and the the card.
Or 'THE PHONE' may soon be asking "Are you going on holiday soon?".
 Aug 22nd, 2007
Its an automated system for when you have missed a Credit Card payment. Its pretty rubbish reminder if you have to divulge sensitive information like d.o.b. and passwords etc.
Another point...
What do they say on there emails "we will never ask for such sensitive information as your password etc..."
Well at least they got my name correct. I wouldnt bother though, there are too many theives & crooks in the banking industry already.

 Aug 22nd, 2007
Called this morning, automated service saying bank/utilities/service provider wanted to contact me. Not behind on any bills so will not answer again.
 Aug 14th, 2007
12 calls from this number in the space of 5 days! claimed to be nationwide...
 Aug 13th, 2007
i was stupid enough to give some info but then got sensible and hung up. Rang Lloyds and they confirmed it was one of their agents i was speaking too and the call was legit.
 Aug 12th, 2007
Wife answered and a voice said press any key , she panicked and pressed a key !!! Will have to wait till bill comes in to see how much we have been conned for .
Halifax Card Services they claimed , automated message , also mentioned a family members name ?
 Aug 11th, 2007
I don't give personal/private information on a call that I didn't originate.
Primitive system, it holds the line open if hung up on.
 Aug 11th, 2007
they just said that the your bank tried to contact you and that we contact you later
un known
 Aug 11th, 2007
Mother received 3 more calls today, two of them asking for peter. She thinks thr third used her name. Spoke to police, they suggested speak to BT.
BT stated it is a legitimate number and told me to ring it to stop the calls. I rang the number and received the message "Your bank, utility card service is trying to contact you. We will try again later". Not very helpfull!!!
G for I
 Aug 09th, 2007
MBNA security alert
MBNA have given out my details to a call-centre - it was a security alert but MBNA seem to have contracted it out!!!
 Aug 09th, 2007
several calls to my mother during last 2 weeks. Asked to speak to peter. Said caller was from nationwide.
G for I
 Aug 08th, 2007
Call from the above claiming to be Lloyds TSB
 Aug 08th, 2007
I guess there are a couple of issues here.
- This is a genuine number, It seems to be used by several financial companies and I can only speak for one which is MBNA - however, MBNA also incorporate many other cards, the biggest being Virgin.
MBNA use this service to check suspicious transactions upon an account.
i.e you don't normally use credit card cheques. then you use one for £2000.
-When calling the service line the person you speak to should know why you are calling, however, the financial organisations are huge and communication between areas are often poor, sometimes they don't use the same systems, and the quality of training can vary depending who you speak to.

all this can be very confusing for the customer.

I agree that this service should be better branded and clearer to avoid worrying customers.
 Aug 08th, 2007
just found this may be of interest and might give a few answers
 Aug 07th, 2007
rang my mobile, claiming to be tsb bank got hung up, rang it from my office next morning ringing me back, hung up
 Aug 07th, 2007
Claimed to be NatWest. Six calls and three texts. 1471 showed different caller number e.g 020-795-99909 & 020-795-99910 & 020-795-99914 & 020-896-12611.
 Aug 02nd, 2007
Recieved Call this morning, Claiming to be from Lloyds TSB wasn't silly enough to enter date of birth . Tried 1471 and message said they would call back later. Phoned Lloyds TSB and they said they DO use the number I was called from, and it was from card services.

also recieved a letter this weekend from First Response. they claim that there has been a break-in where computers have been stolen and sensetive data has been taken. this too looks "Iffy" to say the least, (photocopy not signed etc)

will keep people posted.
P.S. telephone 0845-606-2172 to speak to Lloyds as i've been on the phone for over 13mins so far and if using 0870 ... could cost a lot !!!

Got through spoke to fraud dept and was told that it was a Bone Fide number being used by TSB ?? All Very strange. they also have no note of attempting to call me today ?

was asked not to give out any details.
 Jul 31st, 2007
called me today saying from lloyds TSB, what a load of tosh??

as if anyone would be stuppid enough to give details over the phone? next time they call i'm going to enter false details to see what happens?
 Jul 28th, 2007
Claimed to be Nationwide BS asking for date of birth and other details.
D J Pearson
 Jul 27th, 2007
automated call refused to answer - load of rubbish
M Cox
 Jul 24th, 2007
This number has called 3 times today claiming to be RBS Customer Services. Automated women pronounces your name in slightly ridiculous voice. IGNORE!
Cheers folks.
 Jul 24th, 2007
Another MBNA spoof call with press any key to continue message. Ignored it.
 Jul 24th, 2007
Claimed to be a important call from MBNA, asked me to hit any key to continue. Which I didn't. By the time I looked at the phone again they had hung up.
 Jul 24th, 2007
Call claimed to be from NatWest. Hung up and checked with NatWest and it seems to be a 3rd party service they use for Credit Card services!
Amazing! Would NOT use it!
 Jul 24th, 2007
Called to say they are from Egg. Hung up. Then picked up phone again and it was still playing, then mentioned name in microsoft sam style voice. hmmm!
 Jul 23rd, 2007
Get automated message for someone not on my number. Claims to be from Llyods Bank International. Also had one claiming to be someone from Norwich Union I think. Also a real person recently asking to speak to the wife of the person in the message. Invited to call an 0780 nunumber which I have not. But tried 0845 6306967 and was told it was my bank/utilities/service provider. Thay have called about 20 time in the last few days. Grrrrrr.
 Jul 23rd, 2007
Glad I googled this number as I have started to get them on my mobile and will reject them each time- also think I got stung on this number on my landline for £10 callback charge - if I could find the fraudster entreprenuer that set this up I'll slap him/her hard !!!!
 Jul 23rd, 2007
BEWARE - there is also a call centre pretending to be from Lloyds TSB - They leave a message saying urgent - You call back they ask for you surname and post cade then say "sorry we don't have the details - call our customer service line" - which before you get to speak to a person an automated voice asks you for all your card details. I asked the bank and they said there was no problem with my account - it was a scam - fishing for my personal details.
 Jul 20th, 2007
Keeps calling - leaving no mesage - I called the number back and it rang once then went dead. WTF
 Jul 20th, 2007
Keeps calling both my house and mobile number with an automated "this is a phone cal for XXX you have an important message waiting for you from MBNA, please press any key to continue"
 Jul 19th, 2007
two calls to a shared support mobile. Claim to be Lloyds TSB looking for Mrs.Forrest.
 Jul 17th, 2007
Have had these calls for 5 days now, spoken to my bank and to mobile phone company. BOTH ARE INVESTIGATING. have read on another site that if your phone is pay as you go if you hit a key you loose your credit ??

Beware Beware !!!
 Jul 14th, 2007
Recieved 2 calls from this number claiming to be from Halifax - I don't even bank with them. Called Halifax to report it and they said they will look into it.
 Jul 13th, 2007
Had 2 missed calls on my mobile this afternoon. I googled the number as I did not recognise it and found this site!! I too telephoned the number and had the same voice message as np. I telephoned OFCOM as mentioned by jodro and they said I need to get in touch with the FSA and the Police. Watch this space!
 Jul 12th, 2007
Had a missed call from this no. this morning, called it back and got a message saying 'you have missed a call from your bank / utilities or service provider' seemed stranged so i googled the number and found this site. Thank You
 Jul 11th, 2007
Comouter voice Said they were from Abby (where I do have an account) and to give my phone number where I can be contacted if not at home
R. Dean
 Jul 11th, 2007
Received automated call 'from' Virgin Credit Card asking to confirm details about transactions. Hung Up.
E Keating
 Jul 10th, 2007
This is a scam similar to spam 'phishing'... no point reporting it here... Instead report it to Ofcam and encourage them to get off their lazy butts and put these folk out of business: 020 7981 3000
 Jul 06th, 2007
Just received a call from this number, claiming to be from Egg. They asked me to confirm who I was by pressing 1. They then asked me for my date of birth. Unfortunately I wasn't born yesterday and hung up!

looks like a dangerous scam!
 Jul 04th, 2007
Received this call at work saying it's an automated banking call for Lloyds TSB. Then saying to press any key to continue.....DIDN'T obviously!!!!! My colleagues have also received the same call.....just hang up!!!
 Jul 03rd, 2007
Received call from this number, was Egg Credit card, I was due a payment so I thought maybe it was genuine. However since it seems to be many different banks I am a little wary
 Jun 30th, 2007
I was called by this number a few times, claimed to be from my credit card company (Sainsburys)... So I hung up, rang my credit card company to find indeed they do use this recorded service... and some muppet had tried to use my cc online!!
 Jun 28th, 2007
I have been receiving calls from this number over the past 5 days. Very annoying when I pick it up its an automated system with completly the wrong name asking me to press 1 if i was the named person, 2 if I was not etc. After reading everyone elses comments I will now ignore!
 Jun 27th, 2007
keep getting calls from this number around 10 upto now (automated) asking for my wife and her password, said from lloydstsb
 Jun 27th, 2007
Had a missed call from this no. this morning, called it back and got a message saying 'you have missed a call from your bank / utilities or service provider' seemed stranged so i googled the number and found this site. Thank You
 Jun 27th, 2007
Automated Call: Claimed to be from NatWest Card Services: I hung up
 Jun 27th, 2007
Rang me asking me to press 1 if i was the named person, 2 if I was not. Goes on from there to ask for other personal info. Said in my case it was from Lloyds TSB card services. Total rubbish.
 Jun 26th, 2007
They have called me 3 times already today and at least once last week. Guy last week was from "Lloyds TSB" asking for RAJ who had applied for a loan. He wanted my address - told him no and put the phone down. He was very demanding on the phone - if he rings again and I pick up he will wish he hadn't !!!!
 Jun 26th, 2007
Received voicemail message claiming to be from Egg Bank. Left several automated calls over weekend plus a number of other calls without messages.
 Jun 26th, 2007
automated call from rbs customer services. absolute bull.
dont answer or dial.
 Jun 26th, 2007
Claimed to be from Halifax Card Services.
 Jun 25th, 2007
Natwest Called, card service, but tried saying my voice by automated computer, didn't get it right at all. Then it wanted my date of birth, so hung up. No automated system that calls you would ask for this.
 Jun 25th, 2007
Just recieved call from this number. It was automated from Halifax credit card saying I had missed a payment and had to pay. (I had not missed any payments) Hung up.
p connor
 Jun 25th, 2007
Claimed to be from Halifax Card Services. Did'nt Look genuine so i hung up.
 Jun 22nd, 2007
Unsure if call was genuine, suspect not so hung up
 Jun 07th, 2007