If you get called by this number FOLLOW THROUGH on what they ask on the message. DO NOT HANG UP!!!!!! I had a call from them, rang back and as a result have saved over a £1200 being billed to my credit card by some fraudulent scvumbag. Same scumbag got a phone out of Virgin too but that has been sorted too and the police on the trail. Thanks LLoyds TSB - a fantastic service.
 Mar 27th, 2009
I was not satisfied that the call was genuine because of the questions asked. It was a pre recorded voice with my name inserted by another voice and I thought thatit was a potential fraud call as the questions were about my credit card.

I do not like 0845 calls and rarely answer them. I l;ike calls from REAL PEOPLE and not recordings. If they are recordings then I put the phone down.
ken dowsett
 Jan 21st, 2009