Just had about three calls from tonight wanting to speak to my mother, as well as dozens during the week during the day when she was at work. Very pushy, mother too polite to tell them no. When they'd taken her details they rang back within half an hour wanting to know if she'd checked her mail online for their message. When she was persuaded (by me) to put the phone down, they called back immediately, then three more times straight after. When I tried to tell them they weren't getting their commission on this call they tried to hide behind the sheild of 'well, we're helping her to reclaim her money, don't you know', and got just a little bit annoyed. Actually quite funny. But the repeated calls and pushy behaviour are distressing for her, and aggrivating as hell for everyone else in the house when they see what impact 'webuyanyclaim' are having. Melodramatic? I don't think so. You know where they can go.
 Feb 02nd, 2011
Got a call from this number wasn,t yes loans name they used though, was something like webuyanyclaim there motto is if you have had a loan over the last 10yrs then you have been missed sold PPI payment protection insurance said they could get me back 24000 with the loans and credit cards i had but and here is the But they wanted me to pay £1740 that i would get back if my claim wasn,t successful would pay back straight away they said SURE here the funny bit they wanted me to pay buy credit card with interest on top of that you would be out of pocket even if they did pay you back so beware of this WEBUYANYCLAIM
dan m
 Dec 15th, 2010


This shower of dog excrement are the ARCH scammers in the sub prime loan landing business, here's how it works;-

You go to a broker website which 'farms' ALL your details, so be CAREFUL as to what mobile number you give out, if you have an old working SIM card and can use it, i suggest you use that number. Then they do an automated bulk send of ALL your info to any major loan companies, in fact YES! loans are ... drum f***ing roll please ... ANOTHER BROKER, they don't actually give you or underwrite the loan, just a bunch of tosser sharks that rudely ring you and text (automated) all hours of the f***ing day and night, to try and get you to part with 60 quid admin fee (read:bu***hit) once you've paid this then they start searching for loans, however, if they DO NOT manage to get you a loan, guess what? YES! You guessed it you LOSE the admin fee, a great way to make a LOT of money VERY quickly from people, some of whom are desperate to get a loan, you get ripped and i mean ripped, just look at the number of pages here on the w**kers, and do a search on google too, loads of unhappy people, forget the positives, probably false plants by their own staff to try and sex up the company, remember once a SCAM operation always a scam operation, they're based in south wales, run by a family of welsh f***ots, a nice big call centre in some industrial park and the director KEITH is actually a banned director, apparently they DO have a valid consumer credit licence, but do a search in companies house website, find the name on the cunsumer credit licence list, and look at the cross reference, whilst is ASSUMES that he has no day to day running of the company, this low life piece of filth is DEFINITELY at the helm, dispite the bu***hit, just needs companies house to catch the w**ker and ban him for ANOTHER TEN YEARS, this company really are the lowest of the f***ing low, in fact you can't scrape the barrel as this festering piece of s**t is well and truly lodged in the bowels of the sewer.


It really is not worth the hassle, i got a call from them this morning and had to be rude and disconnect the call to get them to f*** off, they won't take the hint so i'm prepared for texts and more calls, once they call you live they use an automatic call system, so just disconnect it, have fun, they're calling you.

BUT there is one great way to f*** them back, set up a personal number which is a fee paying number, and let them call, go through the process of a loan and get to the point of giving the card details ... you'll make money from them, see how those f***ers like to be shafted - the welsh c**ts.

Caller ID: 084-530-05044

Caller: YES! LOANS

SAY NO!!!!!! TO YES! LOANS !!!
 Jan 29th, 2010
are these yes loans legitimate? whats with the admin fee?
 Aug 13th, 2009
Premium star Ltd is a call centre with automated calling machines....generally if you answer the call you will get a recorded message advising you of another number to call for financial assistance (getting rid of bad debt etc) Ive only just started getting these calls, coincidentally only a few days after researching into taking out a loan on the internet. I did eventually take out a loan with "yes loans" and have no problem with the rates or level of service....but having read into this number on other sites, it does appear they they have forwarded my information onto other companies that "they might feel could be of some assistance". Basically this is junk mail in a different format. companies shouldnt be allowed to operate like this....but if its getting too much, then u can get a number barred by your service provider.
 Nov 18th, 2008
have been inundated with calls from these people, on my mobile, despite the number being registered with the TPS... absolute pests, I have now reported them for nuisance calls
 Oct 31st, 2008
i received 29 calls from this number today and cant answer as i am in work, i received 22 yesterday. its driving me insane. when i try to call bk i just get a voice message!
 Oct 29th, 2008