PLEASE READ THEIR NEW TACTICS:- Yep have the same story, they just called me, I never trust 0800 numbers as anyone can set 1 up, I pretended that I was my dad and said Id be back in 5 minute, who is it and whats It about...being dead nice to the guy (soz Im crafty but not a bad person, just wised up to 0800's) well this was the 4th call in 2 days, this time they had a +44 in front of their number, fooled me, so I aswered it, anyhow, the guy said "oh its Eurochance 100, its about a competition he entered to win an Audi TT or a plasma Tv....told him to phone back inhalf an hour, just so i could check em out, IVE NEVER ENTERED SAID COMPETITION so I did a reverse number check and just put their number in a google, and here I I rang it back, got an answerphone saying to leave my name and address and email so they can remove me from their mailing list...BULLSHIT...they want your address, they have your name and phone number, and your email.....INFO like that, in the right hands can cause you serious conscious nightmares, the address is the important info, thenI RECKON YOULL GET ANOTHER CALL and apologise u want off their mailing try glean more personal info off you!!!!!!!!! DO NOT leave any message, Ive heard of them being able to take you calling credit on pay as u go's, but I think thats almost impossible, more like an accidental jeans pocket 'call last contact', lol. Hope this help anyone from being scammed. I did leave a message, told em my brother works for BT and can trace any 0800 phone number used in the UK's and Find Their Address!!! , and IF I hear of them again ill Publish it on the Net....Google...hehehe... Hope knowledge of their new tactics helps even 1 person from being fleeced... Happy Holiday everyone :o) Have heard they ask for Bank details....EVEN if they promise you a new Ferrari...never give that out, though pretty sure nobodies that daft here, but theirs always the old and gullible who fall 4 these wan$ers...
Kurt Goodwin
 Dec 10th, 2010
I have had at least 2 phone calls a day from this number, so I googled it and found a few websites; this company is apparently a scam. They tell you that you've entered and won a competition, and then they ask for your bank details. So don't answer the phone if you get any calls from these people. Jst wanted to warn as many people as I can.
 Dec 08th, 2010
I called them back apparently its a company called eurochance, the speaker on the recorded message was asian, as I have not contacted this person or company and im ex directory and on telephone preference service I have to assume they get your numbers and details from third parties, possibly illegally do not deal with these people it has all the hallmasrks of a scam.
 Jul 14th, 2010
this freaking number keeps calling my house!
and the weird thing is he knows my full name!
im only 14!!
this person is a freak!
 Mar 29th, 2010
I have been receiving calls from this number every other day, its always silent and around lunch time!! VERY ANNOYING!!!!!!!
 Mar 25th, 2010