I just got a call from these guys - spoke to a Welsh bloke who actually seemed quite nice. He was just qualifying the leads, and I didn't have time to be put through. But he's definitely in the wrong job. He seemed quite earnest and genuine...if only he knew the cack he was selling!

The interesting this is that last week I got a call telling me I had received a free cruise to Nassau, Bahamas (all I had to do was pay taxes, charges and get myself to Florida!). I gave them a false name, and they asked me various questions about whether I drove a car, had a credit card, what age I was etc.

So, I can be pretty certain that UK Debt Information Line / FSDM are buying leads from the company that did the "free" cruise.

I have antoher blog article about this, if anyone's interested.
 Jun 18th, 2008
The incoming caller ID was originally 001-231-7322143 which is from Michigan in the good old US of A. When they called back, it was from 0800 6943328

I recorded the call and wound them up!
 May 22nd, 2008