These Guys called me and said they were calling on behalf of Virgin mobile and i had won a free mobile phone. I was chuffed so i listened on, gave my details, then they started asking for bank details and i refused to give them because a free phone shouldnt need this info. They continued to badger me so i asked for manager. Who also was indian. He said that the phone was free but on an 18 month contract and was £35 per month! i told him i had just renewed with Voda and basically said dont call me again, and he agreed and we left it at that.

I have now received a phone, which has SIM and everything, from the same company who called. But it has FAKE bank details on! they have been calling me all day today, saying that I had given them bank details and had agreed the contract. I had a massive argument with them, and said that i aint sending the phone back, if they want it they should pick it up themselves. I aint paying £6.50 to send it back!!!
they have continued to badger me all day, asking me to re consider the offer. I told them to basically sod off, i wanted to speak to the MD, but they declined and said if i dont send the phone, they will bill me for twice the price of the phone, but i said, how the hell can you do that when you dont have my bank details, and you have forged the contract with fake bank info!!!!

I will call them again in the morning to report, and i am thinking of going to the police! Disgusted how people can do this.

Robert Brown
 Aug 13th, 2007
It was acompany called Cellclad or something, not sure of the spelling.
Selling for orange apparently, but you keep your tarriff and phone but save 10%.
 Aug 09th, 2007
i got a call from them but i ignored the call! kinda glad i did from reading the below. im with (Orange)dont know if that helps

bye X
jenny B
 Aug 08th, 2007
They've called several times over last week. Once when I answered it started to ring at other end like I was making the call.
Never managed to speak to anyone.
 Aug 08th, 2007
As soon as I answered the phone they hung up.
 Aug 08th, 2007
How the hell do you stop these people calling (tried registering with that service that removes number from databases...but not worked.)
 Aug 08th, 2007
Annoying phone scam
 Aug 07th, 2007
i have had about 6 missed called from these in the last 4 days. they dont give u chance to answer... dont fancy calling it
 Aug 07th, 2007
Hung up once i answered it.
 Aug 07th, 2007
Missed the call - tried to call back but its a dead line!?
 Aug 06th, 2007
they rung the other day and said they were a phone company (didn't catch the name) and that they were in connection with virgin mobile. The contract he was offering sounded to good to be true so declined. everytime i said no, the guy started his pitch again, this hapened 3 times. they have rung me twice today but only rang out once and then they put the phone down. weird!
 Aug 06th, 2007
I answered it but all I could here was people talkin in the background. Tried ringing it and apparently they put the phone down on me...?
 Aug 06th, 2007
Number just called me went to answer and it went dead, who is this?
 Aug 03rd, 2007
silence in the phone only for a while
 Aug 02nd, 2007
Keeps calling me sometimes twice a day
 Aug 01st, 2007
This number anoyed me all day.
No one says a word but I can hear someone's putting the phone down.
 Jul 31st, 2007
mobile pohone scam
 Jul 31st, 2007
The number is responsible for a number of silent calls to my phone. On returning the call the operator (sounded like a call centre in India) claimed to represent "ABS Mobiles Warehouse" in Birmingham. No such company exists. This is a scam. Do not give them any personal details.
 Jul 31st, 2007
number keeps calling but only for a couple of seconds then hangs up doesnt give chance to answer
 Jul 16th, 2007