0800 387177 belongs to the company Kraftmatic. They've been harrassing us for just over a year now, day and night. I've gotten to know the number id so well, I even tell my partner who it is that is calling. They are so persistent and keep wanting to sell us an electric mattress, which we are not interested in, but it doesn't help telling them that, they just keep calling all over again. Make a note of this number and when your caller id shows it, just let the phone ring till it stops. Perhaps one day they will get tired of calling your number and take it off their system. It doesn't help talking to them. Once they have your number, you are harrassed for ever.
 Mar 11th, 2009
missed call, so thought id check here, none the wiser, not gonna call back tho, 0800 gotta be sales surely
 Oct 31st, 2008
silent call - rung off eventually
 Apr 02nd, 2008