I know this number.

It is from a department of BT that helps deaf people make calls. The name of the company is Typetalk and this is one of its Admin lines.

If you get a call from them chances are that you either have some sort of connection with a deaf person who uses it, you are a company that a deaf person was calling, it was a wrong number or it was a correct number but you did not realise what was going on.
 May 02nd, 2010
When someone in any part of BT calls you, whether personal or for business, if they use a BT phone in a BT building this will be the number that is left. I worked there so thats how I know.
 Apr 30th, 2010
Left an unrecognisable message on my answerphone, could not make out what they were saying
 Nov 10th, 2009
The Company calling claims it is BT, but it is HCL Indian call centre dealing with BT's broadband tech site, apparently. They are a nuisance and BT should be complained about. 18 calls in one day, with no message, how unprofessional. I actually got to speak with someone after saying "hello" several times, the man on the other end just asked if I was a particular person (probably the person who owned this number before as it's quite new to me), I asked who they were and he claimed BT, then asked how long I had lived here. If I get another call, I may have to do a "phonejacker" style response and keep them listening to my else to deal with this annoyance!!
 Sep 09th, 2009
On answering this number there was a deafening single high pitched note which was painful to hear and would be a major problem for anyone with a hearing aid.
 Jun 30th, 2009
i also have registered with the so called 'telephone preference service' that has turned out to be a cmplete waste of time!!! Rocking horse material, i have never answered any of them, there has been loads of these calls, I looked back through the call register and of the last 30 calls only 8 of them were from friends and family. Im disabled and sometimes its not very easy for me to get to the poxy phone and run the risk of falling over because I have tried to rush, I now dont bother but my mates know that if i dont answer they`ll ring a few minutes later. Every number I dont recognise goes into the Google search bar then the info is saved on the handset....
 May 16th, 2009
I have regitered with the 'telephone preference service', with the view to barring unsolicited phone call, but still get pestered by these nuisance caller(s). Some can't even be bothered to speak to me when I answer the phone. Bl**dy MORONS
 May 05th, 2009
This is BT...When you ring it back its a recorded message from them telling you tht they tried to call and will call back... they are annoying the hell out of me and im registered with the TPS so shouldnt be receiving unsolicited calls from anyone.
 Mar 27th, 2009
Had one call today - nobody there but it blocked my telephone line for about 10 minutes.
 Mar 13th, 2009
I've had several calls from this number in the past couple of days. I answer (after only a couple of rings) either to have nothing or a beep on the end of the line. Sounds like some kind of auto-dialer to me. I'm not sure if it's targetting my office land line (BT) or my mobile (O2) as I current have the former redirected by BT to O2.
 Dec 10th, 2008
Someone appeared to be listening at first, then they cut the connection. This is most annoying.
 Nov 14th, 2008
Someone called us from BT trying to intice us back to their land-line service after we switched to Orange. Harmless enough, but irritating as this was the third call from BT when we made it clear to them we were not interested.
 Oct 31st, 2008
I get numerous calls from this number - sometimes there is no one there, other times it appears someone listens for a while after I answer, waits a while, then hangs up. A few comments on other web pages suggest thre calls originate from BT.
 Oct 27th, 2008
suspect it may be BT as I had an automated call from them the other day, but this time the line just went dead when I picked it up.
 Sep 18th, 2008