andy piner is now in coppull Lancashire his mobile is still 078-102-96481 he is still ripping the public off is a web site dedicated to andy piner photos details of his exploits keep up to dAte with andy piner, registration is free, join the ever growing group of punters who have been pinerized.
Andy Piner, Andy Pinner, Andrew Piner, Adlington Used Motors, Andy Piner & Anthea Light t/a Adlington Used Motors, Wheelton Motors,
Wheelton Used Motors, North West Used Motors, NW Used Motors, 078-102-96481, 078-007-20688, 01257 475705, 075-868-48045, 075-995-58183
If he owes you some cash give him a call on any of the above numbers, or join him on facebook its ANDWER PINER
Caller: Andy Piner
Andy Piner Car Dealer
 Feb 03rd, 2011
see other sites about this con man 4 years now of rogue trading he is now at wheelton garage nr chorley

chris wrote, I have successfully got a CCJ against this con man Andrew Piner and am about to get bailiffs to collect money owed on a clocked BMW
nigel wrote I paid him a deposit on a car which had a minor fault - he assured us it would be sorted before the balance was paid - he could not sort the fault out and therefore we asked for the deposit back. He gave me a cheque which has subsequently bounced (twice) and now he avoids all calls from my number, He's a Proper con man ! Can you keep me posted on whether the baliffs manage to recover your money - going to go down the same route myself. Good luck
philip wrote this tosser drives a Mercedes ML, P111 NER is the reg number, his ex lives around beumont road bolton or beumont chase, her name Is Mrs Anthea L Light her bank is the Natwest at lee ln horwich, her account number is 32552505 sort code 01-04-35

this arse hole has no past history, no on knows where he is from, he is super invisable

AT THE MOMENT we will all find you, and when we do we will all meet and sort our problems out in one doo
chris wrote I have gone down the legal route as this is the only way to get back what is owed.CCJ was succesful and his business now has a CCJ against it and it will be hard for it to get credit and he will struggle with the FSA.As it is not limited then he is liable for the debt which includes car,business propert,personal home address property also.

I am waiting to hear back from bailiffs as only sent case across last week.

There ares till several cars at his garage and he is still in business but as long as i get my money back plus interest which has turned a debt of £850 into well over £1700 now due to him not paying and avoiding calls this will hit him financially.
ste wrote Done the same 2 me for £3000 I am hunting him down I will not stop until I fine him
debi wrote OMG can't believe I have stumbled on this, If this is the same andrew piner he riped me off for £4000 a few years ago, then disappeared no reply to calls etc I will Call this Number if he is the same man My Husband would Like to see him and god help him
i wrote A solo car dealer has been fined £3,500 for selling cars illegally on the street.
Andrew Piner was fined £3,500 and ordered to pay £600 costs by Bolton magistrates
for selling cars on the streets of Bolton, The council recorded 10 offences of street
trading of motor vehicles without authorisation between March 7 and May 31
Piner pleaded guilty and was fined £350 for each offence. This is the same Andy
Piner Andrew K Piner who trades with Anthea L Light from Bolton he does in fact
drive a silver Mercedes ML reg P111NER

the list is growing, some one will listen soon, keep up the good work andy piner conman car dealer
andy piner con man car dealer 078-102-96481 on the move again.
 Jan 19th, 2011
calls wanting to buy a car, have since found out that its andy piner & anthea light t/a adlington used motors from 48 Market Street
Adlington Chorley PR7 4HF it seems that they are well known throughout the nortwest for selling used cars which are not theres to sell see article in bolton evening news, 078-102-96481
 Dec 21st, 2010