Thanks Katie!!! I connfirm They are called DX Delivery Service and can be contacted on 0844-371-3331 where you can speak to someone about your delivery, I went through a pre-recorded massage which was useless. I did eventually get through and spoke to a human, she advised anyone can take delivery (in my case a passport), as long as that person holds my ID such old passport, credit card. I have been given the complaints number 0845-600-3613, I guess DX would have gone through a Tender for this but I am not impressed with the text message. I was going to ignore until I saw the post about the passport which was what prompted me to look..
 Apr 19th, 2011
They are called DX Delivery Service and can be contacted on 0844-371-3331 where you can speak to someone about your delivery.
 May 19th, 2010
i was sent a message from this number asking for confirmation of a delivery time. It seems very unprofessional/a con but after reading the comments on this site realised it was the renewed passport that i was expecting. Agree with comments below that it seems ridiculous that the passport agency use this system.
 May 19th, 2010
Same happened here, bit of an odd one alright! Ah well, at least the bloody thing's been processed.
 Sep 17th, 2009
I had a text message this morning (10am, Friday 4th Sept 2009) from 447-797-885666 with this message:
"DX can deliver item 6009339XX between 9-5 on 07/09. Your ID & your sig reqd. Please confirm by text reply (earliest delivery date is 07/09)."
I did apply for a passport to be renewed for my mum a few weeks ago, but when I received this text message I was totally confused as I didn't recognise the number at all and didn't want to give them a call back in case it was some kind of Phishing scam or whatever. Decided to do a Google search and found this, so that makes sense. It's a weird way to operate... why can't they just give us a call instead? (Must be cost-cutting initiatives).
Btw, Passport Office is government agency. Like all other giv't agencies, they're useless and don't give a sh*t about anything. It's not as if they're a business that needs to keep people happy.
 Sep 04th, 2009
ticket master and the passport service use them. I found this out through forums on the net - frankly i find the fact that the passport service use these amateurs a right joke. how can one trust a sms from '447-797-885666' with no indication as to whom it comes from as a genuine communication?! apparently the passport service do not give a toss about all the complaints they receive about this method of delivery...
 Aug 29th, 2009
Sorry. Secure Mail missed you. Item 595224675 can be del 9-5 on 24/02. Your ID and your sig reqd. Pls confirm by text reply (earliest delivery is 24/02)

Had ordered something recently but Item Number not recognised when entered online!

The number if rung has a continuous tone!
Michael Wilson
 Feb 24th, 2009
I had a text message from this number:
"Secure mail can deliver item 586497681 between 9-5 on 15/4. Your ID and sig required. Pls confirm by text with Y or N + new date"

I have no delivery expected and did not reply to the text
 Apr 12th, 2008
I had a text message from this number saying "sorry SMS missed you. We can deliver tickets on 10/4. your ID and sig required. Pls confirm by TEXT with Y or N and new date"

I've never heard of these people before and am not purchasing any tickets - think this may be a con!!
 Apr 09th, 2008