Again he said he was from th police community magazine ... I'm glad i took time to think about this and look up thse types of scams online.
 Apr 10th, 2012
said from police community magazine they wanted people to advertise as a trusted tradesperson. However staffordshire trading standards have this noted as a scam. If they want a trusted tradesperson then they should get recommendations direct rather than cold calling - how does he know im to be trusted ( i am by the way :-) )
anyhow, i listened and thgen as i was working at the time and didnt respond to an answer he said i was the rudest person he knows and they will now be monitoring my car and my whereabouts!!!! and he`s supposed to be from the police! i am certain that he is from the scam. before i stopped listening then i had stated that i didnt want to advertise and he carried on trying to sell the magazine benefits.
 Mar 08th, 2012