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Crappy Muslim lawyer
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Crappy Muslim lawyer
by wedding singer » Sun Sep 20, 2015 8:52 pm

This woman did some legal work 4 me. This is her.
She f**cked up my case about 4 years ago.Thought she was a mental case.Complaints were ignored so I checked her on the internet and looky what I found. She internet famous

Inderjit Ahitan, DOB Dec 12, 1973: Solicitor with Law Firm Hewitsons, cautioned for having sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old male pupil from a Northampton school on three separate occasions dating back to 2003, at the office after working hours but also in a car near a local golf course and the flat of a friend. A discipline committee panel, comprised of senior partners held a private internal hearing into these incidents relating to failure to observe appropriate professional boundaries. Subsequently at the pupil’s parents and the accused’s request that the incident not be made public it was agreed that professional psychological counseling for a period of one year be required. Additionally it was agreed that Inderjit Ahitan would seek a position with a different firm.


Google says she is now with Vanderpumps and Sykes in Edmonton

Here is another one from a different site

MS INDERJIT AHITAN is a company officer from ENFIELD MIDDLESEX. This person was born on 1973-12-04 and is 41 years old. MS INDERJIT AHITAN is ...
wedding singer

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Re: Crappy Muslim lawyer
by manfred » Sun Sep 20, 2015 9:53 pm

It seems not only churches move "problem" people from one post to another. It seems to be a common response in many professions.

However, I would have to say from the information you gave that her religion is entirely incidental, and I am not even convinced she is a Muslim. But if she were, how does that relate to anything else you said?

I also want to point out if you WRITE (as oppose to say) something in which you make damaging allegations you MUST be 100% sure you have your facts right, to avoid the possibility of a law suit for slander. In law, you may express an OPINION about someone which may be seen as damaging, and that is NOT against the law. However if you allege that certain things actually happened, (as opposed to saying you believe that they may have happened) and they did not or you cannot prove they did, you may leave yourself open to trouble, specially from a lawyer.

As complaints about a lawyer, in the UK the best approach is contact the law society: ... solicitor/

They will help you to get heard.

best wishes
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