Received a recorded message about reducing my interest rate on my credit card. Press one to talk to a live person or press 2 to be removed. I pressed 1. After a brief session of elevator music Bill answered and started telling me about how they could reduce the interest rate on my card. I asked him which company was issuing the card and he said they don't issue cards but they work with Master Card and Visa to reduce rates. I then asked him if he was aware that my number is on the National Do-not-call list. He said he wasn't aware of that and that he worked for a call center. He said he would put me on the call centers do-not-call list. I told him that I had tried that before and it didn't work. He said if I receive another call hit the # key before hitting the 2 and it should work. For once I got someone who was polite and didn't hang up when I started asking questions. Must be new at the call center. Now off to the FTC site to file another complaint.
 Sep 29th, 2008