another call about lowering our credit rates and that it was our last chance and they have been trying to reach us . we have no credit cards and this is a new number. unknown caller did not say what company they were from so my husband hung up. 03/17/2009 time 6:51 p.m. the other number that i reported was 062-267-0413. where are these calls comming from?
 Mar 17th, 2009
answered the phone and message said something about lowering our credit card before the time runs out and to press 1 to speak to live represenative. i pressed 1 and a man answered and asked if i was calling about lowering my rates on my credit card. i then told him that we had several calls and they have been told to take our number off of their calling list and then gave the phone number to be taken off of their list, before i could finish the number a busy signal started he just hung up on me . i am on the do not call registry. i have also reported several numbers like this before. we do not even have any credit cards so why are we getting these calls.
 Mar 09th, 2009