I've been getting a rash of these calls from Indonesia, always trying to sell something shady. This one was offering an extended pick-up warranty on my husband's work truck which has 134,000 miles on it and is 14 years old. The message is recorded and gives you the option of putting your number on their "Internal do-not-call" list, which is as bogus as their product. I get a call from this number several times a week. I talked to a "representative" one time and he was the most rude, profane man I've ever spoken with. His thick accent made it difficult to under-stand him which was a blessing. They don't care about the DNC list, so don't whine when they call. Congress didn't do any good with little POS legislation. Since I was cussed out, I no longer talk to anyone, just wait until the line clears and move on. The US doesn't have any jurisdiction in Indonesia. (Duh!) Sure would be nice to get them, though!
 Aug 08th, 2008