OK, here's the deal: I keep getting this number on my caller ID: 062-239-2966. The caller ID description (where the caller's name goes) shows this: +50622632966. I investigated this further and think this call is coming from Costa Rica. +506 is the country code and that country uses an 8 digit phone number since the start of this year. Land lines will start with a '2' and cell phones will start with an '8'. When my answering machine turns on they hang up and leave no message. I read it could be a credit card rate lowering scam and an auto warranty scam, among other things. One alarming post I found said that your phone bill can be billed for services you don't wish to receive simply by answering the phone. My phone company (I have digital phone through my local cable company) said that nothing can be billed to the number UNLESS I punch in phone numbers (they used #90 and *90 as examples) because codes such as these can be used to charge my phone bill with services and add services to my phone bill! They said to NEVER, EVER use the phone's keypad to punch in numbers unless I initiated the call and am sure of whom I am calling.
 Aug 21st, 2008
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 Aug 21st, 2008