Picked up on the call. At first there was a recording about reducing my credit card debt and/or interest rate. The offer was about to expire. Press one to talk to an agent or press two to let the offer expire.

I pressed one to get information for a complaint. Lady came on the phone after a short bit of elevator type music. I asked her why she was calling. She said that I have either over $3000 in credit card debt or that my interest rate was very high. She went on to say that I had been referred to their company by my credit card company. I told her that the statement was not true, wished her a nice day and hung up.

My number is on the do-not-call list so I'm going to report the call shortly. Not sure it will do any good as the number is fictious. At least they identified themselves as Credit Card Services which may link them to someone the FTC is already investigating.
 Jan 06th, 2009