Got a call on my cell from this number around 8pm Aug. 29th. It was preceded by a 5 to make the number actually read 50622499240. I didn't answer as I didn't recognize the number, there was no state/country listed on the CID like there should have been and the number just looked odd - that 11th digit throws things off. I looked it up when I got home and there's conflicting reports of where the 062 code is; some are saying it's Nigeria, some the Philippines (definitely not, my wife is Filipino), some from somewhere in SE Asia and some say it doesn't exist at all. The people that answered say it's the car warranty or interest rate scam.

I'm really curious if there's anything everyone who's received a cell call has in common. I'm slightly worried as I just payed for something through PayPal early this week and I just opened a credit account with an eyewear chain tonight.
 Aug 30th, 2008