Called my house twice today and left no message. I am on the DNC list.
 Aug 02nd, 2008
We did not pick it up either.CAller ID said Unknown name. No message left and when I tried to call it back it does not go through.
 Aug 02nd, 2008
We are on the do not call list and number was unknown to us, so we did not pick up. The did not leave a message.
 Aug 02nd, 2008
They called and wanted financial information without identifing there ompany name other than stating they were 'financial services.'

I told him to again tell me there full company name because we are on the do not call list and have been for over a year now. He was rude from the beginning and souned young and african american.

He cursed at me and hung up. I will contat the FCC, FBI & BBB promtly Monday Morning.
Sgt. Leonard
 Aug 02nd, 2008