I was told that my warranty was about to run out by a young man who identified himself as being with "Warranty Services." I asked him, What warranty? And, he asked me to verify my name, which I did, and my address (also public info) and I did. Then he asked me to verify my VIN and I told him to stop right there, that I wasn't verifying jack for him because I was on the government's "No call" list and I intended to report the company. He said that I would need to talk to one of their "customer service specialists," and I said, Fine! Transfer me. He hung up.

I called the number back and a computer answering system told me I'd reached Cox Communications. How odd? I thought, so I called them back again and waited to talk to someone. I told the person that answered (again, it said I had reached Cox Communications) the story and she confirmed that I had reached Cox. She said I would need to call customer service to get information about the source of the 062 call. I did, and the CSR said she was wrong, he couldn't tell me anything about the number, but he googled it, and it came up as a scam with several of the stories about it mirroring mine.
Shari Farrar
 Nov 29th, 2008