I get repeated calls from this number. The caller first told me that I must have at least $3k in credit card debt. I said, "Oh, yeah, I qualify". When I asked the person's name, he said, "Jason", I asked that he identify the company he is with and the gave me "Credit Services". Finally I asked where he is located, and he hung up. I have tried a couple of other times to get information that would further identify the caller, but when I get to the "nitty gritty", they hang up. Annoying aren't they?
Joyce Rathbone
 Mar 19th, 2009
Supposedly a credit company. Pre-recorded message says "Push 1 to speak with an agent or push 2 to let your chance to reduce your rating expire and receive no more calls." I've pushed two before, to no avail. The calls still come. Today I talked to Jason and asked the name of the company. He replied "credit services". I asked for the company's address and he said he did not know, just that it was in Atlanta GA. Then he told me, "obviously you're not interested, have a great day" and hung up.

Telemarketers are the bottom of the barrel in jobs. Take a lesson kids... stay in school and get a real job.
 Mar 09th, 2009