We constantly get phone calls from 062 area code. The numbers thereafter are different each time. There is no such area code as 062. We tried to report this to the Do Not Call List folks on-line but the site keeps saying there is no such area code. Well.....duh.....we know that and that is why we are trying to report it. So we actually phoned the Federal Trade Commission today & reported these calls and gave them all the information we had on hand. It was nice to talk with a human. They told us also to keep track of all the info we could accumulate regarding all the different phone numbers used & what the messages where as this would help them track this down. They are getting tons of complaints from all over the country.

Call the Federal Trade Commission number at 1-877-382-4357 & report this to them. They are really trying to track down these people making these calls from the 062 area code (non-existent) & tell them everything from the recording or person making the calls & the numbers that are showing up on your caller ID.
 Jul 15th, 2008