I got a call from this strange number that appeared on my cell phone's caller ID as +052663698. That was definately an international number. I answered it to find out what was going on. The caller went by the name of Rick Wilson, saying he works for a law firm, he spoke with a heavy foreign accent, sounding like from India. He called today, Friday Feb. 24, saying I have a hearing on Monday. He also said I would be in a "high amount of trouble" if I did not cooperate. What a load of laughs. He also said he sent me countless number of emails which I never responded to. I never received any. He asked me why I failed to pay back this payday loan I took out in Sept. 2009. I never took out any loan at that time. He also said he was calling from California, despite the foreign number that appeard on my caller ID. I have taken out payday loans in the past but I always paid them back and had certification from each company that they are paid in full. I also check my records on TeleTrack since I paid everyone off and there was nothing outstanding. I did not fall prey to this scam. A short time later I tried to call the number back and I got a message saying "your call cannot be completed as dialed".
 Feb 24th, 2011