i get called all times of day by pakistani or indian men and women....basically causing a nuisance. ''hello, i love you. what your name?. i love you''......... very interested in asking for my name. The last call from this number (10 minutes ago) was a woman asking for my name once again. I gave her a false forename, and could hear a man in the background repeating the name i gave. Each time i ask who they are looking for and telling them they have a wrong number, they wont tell me who they are looking for and just reply with.. ''yes! i have yes number. Ilove you''........... i cant find any info on this pain in the arse. I have tried leaving the receiver on the sofa while they are on, i have blown a whistle down the line, i have simply just hung up on them only to be called right back. And still these calls continue from this number.
 Mar 02nd, 2010