Thats the caller ID number that showed. second time it has showed up is why i answered. Jenny who sounded like she was in a tunnel and tinny said she was from microsoft windows. she claimed a report said when I get on the internet there is lots of errors and i had a virus. i could here others in the background. I ask her what country she was in and she claimed L.A. Cal. I said ok I will cALL U BACK WHAT IS YOUR TEL #. she said they had lots. I said ok then what is my IP address. she didn't have it. each time i ask a ? there was at least 5 to 10 seconds of silence. I said when I ask u a ? there is a long period of silence because it's not on your flow chart is it. i told her i was a computer tech and i do not have a virus. long period of silence again. she said so you don't want my help in fixing your computer. I said how do u know i even have a computer. wala she finally hung up. what a scam to try and get my info.
jay bee
 Mar 30th, 2013