I have had a fucken gut full,When is someone going to to put a STOP to this, when i find out who it is i am going too pay a visit who is coming, every one that has been effected i am sure. This company needs a huge fine to take notes $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ it is obvious governing departments must be on the take who's palm is getting greased, not only is it harassment is-ant there Laws about that, or is there. Let me tell you there are no laws only when it suites them. Not only dose it piss you of each time i divert home phone to mobile for work i am paying for there calls we all have to make a stand, someone's lights need turning out.
 Mar 11th, 2010
Yep, it's starting with me as well.
Fax tone on the other side.
 Nov 12th, 2009
Harassing fax machine on spam/autodial

Whoever is running it is a puss bag
 Sep 09th, 2009
Yep same here; they are using a our business phone number which was our phone/fax number in about 1988 so they are blanket fax spamming based on some very very old information. Anyone up to a class action against them for cumulative inconvenience I would be very happy to drive from the Australian end. They are in my mind one small level above the virus creators of this world.
Stewart Wood
 Jul 30th, 2009
The number 02 82083200 is a fax machine in Sydney Australia & it's been calling me for weeks,even at night!I need to know the address of this service or at least the owner's name. Thank you.
 Aug 15th, 2006