As per everyone else here, I to were chosen to be interupted by these farkwit call centre operators.
I answered it and let them listen to the simpsons. I have been "chosen" several times now. My response is twofold...1)Listen and sound interested for about two minutes (difficult part) then 2) Let loose with some well thought out expletives of choice (fun part). This does two things 1)wastes thier time and money and 2)places stress on the call centre worker. They work on a time per call system to try to get you hooked so by wasting time it cuts the margins and secondly gives the idiots the idea that it isnt cool. Yes they have a right to make a living BUT not by calling me at inconvenient times. They take the money from OPTUS they are the OPTUS w hore, they deserve it.
indian hater
 Oct 06th, 2008