This number (561-025-8924) keeps calling me every day while I'm at work, and they don't leave a message. When I try to call the number back it says I've reached a non-working number. On my phone under the number it pops up that it's a Florida number??
 Apr 01st, 2015
Ask who it was and they hung up
 Aug 26th, 2014
I am getting calls from 025 205 6560. I investigated the area code and it is an area code in China. I never answer the phone, my answering machine does. They called again last night and tried to call my name with a very thick Chinese Accent, I didn't respond. I called the phone company because this numberthe 702 number and the 809-205-6560 number started calling me within the last 4 or 5 days. They call(809,025), my machine answers, they call back immediately. When the 702 558 5500 called many times,I told them that I was on the do not call list and if they persist in calling, I record calls (legal in my state) I can sue them for ignoring my request....very rude people! Anyway, all of these calls started coming at the same time as if my number had been placed on some list. The phone company has a service included in one of their packages that using *57 will send the number to the phone company, after 3 or 4 times sending the same number, they said they start sending letters to the people calling and start taking taking action against them. I haven't used it yet because I placed the 809 number on block this morning 4/1/2007 because they called, and the 702 number hasn't called back since 4/27/2007
 May 01st, 2007