This number has appeared on my missed-callers list several times recently... but I did in fact answer the call just a few minutes ago. The caller had a very strong East-Indian/Pakistani accent that was very difficult to understand. He addressed me as Mr.(first name), and said several times "I am from Internet security, your computer has downloaded malicious virus... this is very impotent". I asked "Is this Microsoft?"... but he completely avoided the question the first time around, only to repeat things he already said. He told me to go to my computer and open (blah blah blah), but I cut him off and again asked if he was calling from Microsoft. He very faintly replied "yes", but followed up saying that he had my information which could be confirmed if I opened my computer and followed his instructions. I replied "I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!" He said, "sir please, you have downloaded malicious software..." I cut him off again to say "No, I believe this is a malicious phone call... I don't believe you." - - The line went silent for several seconds... and then he hung up. Very weird call, and obviously a scam.
 Oct 18th, 2012
The typical local Mayberry PD doesn't want to touch a civil problem, anyway. They're not trained for phone scams, and really the person in the best position to defend a phone number is its holder.

This is the fake PC tech scam. See this thread:

Here's the verdict straight from Microsoft:

Avoid tech support phone scams

Strange call pretending to be from Microsoft tech support
 Oct 03rd, 2012
I have been receiving several calls the past 2 days from ph# 023-337-8555. They claim to be from Microsoft and say that my computer has a problem. They are trying to get me to navigate to give them my computer ID. I told them repeatedly not to call me but they continue to do so. I then told them I would call the police if they continue to call me and they responded that the police can't do anything to them. I did call the police today and unfortunately they are correct, there is nothing the police can do.
 Oct 03rd, 2012