On 19/05/09 I received a telephone call from 02202 alleging to be o2.

They stated that the telephone call was being recorded for training purposes. Upon checking their system for my details they alleged that my pre pay sim-card was not registered, despite the fact I know it is! When asked if I would like to register my details, I replied, no and they terminated the call.

O2 have subsequently confirmed that there is no record of them calling and that 02202 is not one of their numbers. They have advised me to proceed with caution and not give out any personal or bank details should 02202 call again.

I therefore conclude that it is either a scam or a 3rd party agency working on a commission basis for o2.

As a general rule of thumb, do not give out personal or financial details unless you are absolutely sure of the identity of the caller. In this instance, call o2 directly (get the up to date contact details from their website) if you want to negotiate your current deal.
 May 19th, 2009
I try to call back and number is not recognised
 Dec 15th, 2008