Not sure who this is? They dont answer when I pick phone up - and then they hang up
May be Which mag as I contacted them a few weeks ago
United Kingdom
 Sep 11th, 2015
When you respond to a Which? advert via text for one of their free guides, they will respond with a text stating they will call you from this number (020 7536 5000) for information in who to post the guide too. Be aware that there can be quite a delay in you texting for the free guide and the callback you get from them, hence thinking this is a possible nuisance call.
 Jan 14th, 2014
Paul from WHICH? Your customer service skills are excellent but you need to work on your grammar and spelling....

"You're" not "your" and "to" not "too". You also need to add an apostrophe between the "N" and "T" in "DONT" but you really should not be using abreviations like that when writing. The correct spelling and grammar is "IF YOU WANT TO but you DO NOT HAVE TO"

If you do not know what an apostrophe is look it up in a dictionary, assuming of course you know what a dictionary is...
 Jun 12th, 2013
Wow sure bet which? Are glad they employed Paul
 Jun 11th, 2013
I work for which? magazine, You people are so thick, Your the ones that text in for the guide to be sent all we do is call you back and place the order for you and yes it is FREE, you can buy magazines IF YOU WANT TOO but you DONT HAVE TOO, Fucking retards, freeloaders and scroungers!
 Jun 04th, 2013
Looked this number up, yes I think it is Which as I text them for a free magazine. They txt back to say they would phone me. I will not be answering as I suspect there will be money or commitment involved for this "free" offer
sally boxall
 May 19th, 2013
i am sorry but how are you if its a magazine i am not intwestid in the magazine thank you
michael martin
 May 09th, 2013
This is Which Magazine they normally ring when you give your number for a free magazine about computers- with the intention to then see if you would purchase a regular subscription with them.
 Jan 22nd, 2013
called this number back it is which magazine's call center 18/10/2012. They insist I sent them a text requesting an information call back.
 Oct 18th, 2012
This number is which? Magazine
 Sep 09th, 2012
This number called, i answered but the line went dead.
sounds like auto dial computer....they will get an fearful if they call back.
ric Jenkins
 Jun 03rd, 2012
this number has rang me up to 4 times in a day anytime (just had a call and it is now half 9pm) i to got told that a 0800 unmber would call me so this numbe i WILL NOT answer too.. I did text Which? i asked for my guide not been sent and KEEP getting calls!!!!!! DO not answer they just hag up!!!
 Mar 24th, 2011
020-753-65000 this number keeps ringing me and i dont know who it is and they never leave a meessage?
 Mar 08th, 2011
call on mobile it wrang twice - i answered and they hung up
 Dec 30th, 2010
I asked for a consumer guide by text message and the reply told me I'd be contacted from an 0800 number, so I didn't answer when this number came up.
 Dec 08th, 2010
Second time calling and both times hung up - thought Which / Consumers Association was the 'consumer champion'
 Nov 19th, 2010
Yes I responded to a Which Magazine promo, but now they keep calling and hanging-up when I answer !
Steve Parrish
 Nov 17th, 2010
They need to be trained as i wanted there service now i cant stand ther ground thay walk upon
 Nov 09th, 2010
It's Which Magazine, I sent a text requesting a free gardening guide so they were calling me to get the details to send it to me.
 Mar 26th, 2010
had like 100 missed calls from this number who is it?
 Mar 25th, 2010