i got the same calls too and it just disconncects when ever i call it, its wasting my time. is there a way we can stop these idiots from calling us. how the hell do they get our number in the first place??!
 Aug 17th, 2007
This number has called me several times asking for the same person who does not live in my house
 Jul 04th, 2007
has called for last 3 days they ring then hang up this is very annoying i think it could be a automated service but for what and why i dont know
 Jun 22nd, 2007
Called twice today but hung up on answer
Ian Rodgers
 Jun 22nd, 2007
this number calls twice a day at least. very annoying. they never say who they are, they just hang up! but leaves the number behind on 1471. but apparently its the money group!! really really annoying!!!
 Jun 22nd, 2007
Following on from yesterday's post, this time they actually deigned to talk to me. As soon as I heard Money Group, I asked what their number was. Lad told me it was 01326 326500. Asked to speak to supervisor. Told her about the dozens of phone calls I keep receiving and that I'd googled to find this site. She says she'll get someone to call me back. They claimed not to know the 01872 number. Guess what came up when I 1471'd it.......
 Jun 21st, 2007
This number has rung every day early evening for weeks, ours is a business line registered with TPS and it won't accept anon calls,
 Jun 20th, 2007
These pondscum just phoned in the middle of the Hunt Cup, then hung up. I'd like to hang them up!
 Jun 20th, 2007
received call from this number, first time today I think. It rang 5 times then hung up
 Jun 18th, 2007
Same as everyone else - its been calling me for months !
 Jun 14th, 2007
I never answer now and when I see the number I just ignore it - am hoping they will get bored of it. They never leave a message and I can't call the number back - been happening for 4 months now - every few days get a call
 Jun 14th, 2007
The number called me today Upon answered the call the caller hung up.
 Jun 11th, 2007
Just had a call from this number, it went dead when I answered it. The money group used to contact me every couple of days despite me saying I wasn't interested in their service. It took quite a lot of effort to get them to stop calling. Had rather hoped they'd got the message... looks like I may have spoken too soon!
 Jun 11th, 2007
o.k guys, to STOP these bloody idiots pestering you, you need to register with BT for their CHOOSE TO REFUSE service via the BT website. Unfortunately it costs 3.35 per month but it's WELL worth it. THEN if someone can get me the address of the Money groups' head office I'm going to SUE the bastards for wasting my time !
Chris Roberts
 Jun 08th, 2007
missed call, tried to call back only got out of service tone. typed number on google and got this. who ever it is is based in Truro.
 Jun 06th, 2007
keeps calling me, and i don't take the call, reportd it numerous times, even saved it under dunno in my phonebook, who the hell are they???? never leave any message or voicemail, its annoying!!!
 Jun 06th, 2007
proably money group - i did a 1471 and took the number - put it into google and got this service - moneygroup is a nuisance i'm thinking of taking them to the smalls claim court for the distress and harrasment they are causing me
 Jun 06th, 2007
This number is from a cold call centre. Register with the Telephone Preference Service via BT 080-012-18000 and within 28 days you'll be free of this and every other annoying double glazing/finance/survey company.
 Jun 05th, 2007
I answered:
They knew my name & wanted to know if I wanted to remortgage with them. My answer:"no I dont have a mortgage".
"Are you thinking of buying" - "no"
"can we retain your info" - "yes fine"
I now wish I had said no because Im unable to ring them back & Im concerned about ID theft!
 May 31st, 2007
This number has phoned twice today - I did not answer. Expect its sales of some sort that will make a nuisance.
 May 29th, 2007
Just started calling today
 May 29th, 2007
Just disconnected when I answered.
 May 25th, 2007
Caller disconnects when I answer the phone - very annoying!
 May 24th, 2007
I keep getting this call mostly during weekdays in the afternoon. I pick it up and it immediately hangs up. I try to call them and it says "this service is not compatible with this call".
 May 23rd, 2007
I have been called from this number for the last 2 weeks pretty much every day. Missed the first few but when I called back it was unobtainable. Tried answering but goes dead. Thought I would come on here to see who it is. Very annoying
 May 23rd, 2007
Called every day by this number. Strange tome on answering (Not a fax).
Was wondering if ist a scam to get you to call back to a premeium rate number?
 May 22nd, 2007
Really getting sick of these! Always hang up when I answer.
 May 18th, 2007
Number called me twice a day for 2 weeks then stopped but has just started calling again at least once twice a day!
 May 18th, 2007
I have at least two calls every day from this number, does nay one know who it is. Number hangs up, when I dial the number its unobtainable, its very annoying
 May 18th, 2007
First time this number has called, I didn't recognise it and it hangs up on answer,so checked here. Interesting, will keep an eye on this.
 May 17th, 2007
phone hangs up when i answer it, how to stop it?
 May 16th, 2007
I got called, some bloke asked for mr or mrs edouarde! when i said it was a wrong number they said thanks and hung up.
 May 16th, 2007
calling everyday random times
i just hang up just want to know who it is
 May 16th, 2007
called the last two days no one answers when i pick up.
 May 10th, 2007
I'm getting numerous missed calls from this number too.
 May 03rd, 2007
this number calls eveyday. when i answer it hangs up, when i call back thei
res a dead tone. sooooooooooooooooooooo annoying. how do i stop it.
 Apr 30th, 2007
i get this number calling all the time and when i miss the call and call back it drops the call
faye gayle
 Apr 25th, 2007
this number phones normally 2 times a day i dont normally answer but if i do i get no response,
been callin for a while now so irritating
 Apr 24th, 2007
This number has called me twicw and when i answer but it doesn't work and when i call it back it still doesn't work.
 Apr 23rd, 2007
This number has called me twice a day for the last 2 weeks.
 Apr 20th, 2007
these are classed as a nusience call. I have just contacted my phone company who have stated as soon as it rings again to phone them immediately and they can run a trace and if it calls three times or more they will report to the Police for further investigation .
 Apr 16th, 2007
Same as Vicki and Emma
 Apr 13th, 2007
recieving calls everyday for the last week, cant call back never a message left alwasy a missed call, and no answer if you do reply.
 Apr 13th, 2007
I have had loads of missed calls from this number... it is getting really annoying... does anyone know how to stop them?
 Apr 10th, 2007
number hangs up when you answer, when you call back it is just dead tone. Called every day for about 2 months now, really annoying
 Apr 10th, 2007
This number has called me once a day every workday for the past two weeks - always miss the call and then i try to call back it doesn't work
 Apr 05th, 2007