018-005-09652 Grant Advisory Services. I asked to be removed from their database but still receive calls. Last call was from Tony Brown. They say they work with the utility companies. Tony Brown would not give me the name of the company who would do the work until he had finished his sales pitch. Then towards the end of the sales pitch, he said that they will have KHI Limited install loft insulation with a 50% grant from the government. I asked if I could use a different company and they said no. This is obviously a sales call and I reminded them I had signed up with the TPS (several years ago). I asked to have my number removed from the database and speak to a supervisor. Tony Brown then hung up.
This must be a marketing company and I would guess it would be something like this company.

I don't know if Generating Leads Solutions Limited is the actual company who contacted me but their webpage seems to point me in that direction.
 Dec 10th, 2009
Ah, what a nice evening, finally managed to pick up the phone on 01800 509 652 and then wound them up for 5 minutes asking them to continually repeat stuff whilst I found out who they were ! Great Fun.

Home Energy Saver were contacting me about insulation.

Their website is:-

They are based in Poole, Dorset, just phoning around for business, been calling me for the last 4 weeks but always missed the call!!! Not tonight :)
Caller: Home Energy Saver
Brian the Great
 Feb 25th, 2009