Complete SCAM!!!!

for those who read this post please help gain awareness of this company so other innocent business owners do not fall for it as i have along with many others.

Tm and co or Tm and co web as they call themselves are ripping off small businesses by cold calling offering to put your business on the 1st page of Google! What the comapny offer is a google adwords service which you can go directly to google and purchase a whole lot cheaper!
Your website is listed under obsecure key phrases containing the word 'in' on the right hand side of the page.

The sales person in this case Collette Stephens who originally contacted me will start by telling you that there has been over 2000 searches for what you do in your area in the last 30 days on Google. this is a lie! if you visit google adwords keyword tool you can search for a key phrase and 9 times our of 10 it will show up as "not enough searches" or "not enough data" this basically means that there are very little searches for that particular phrase NOT OVER 2000 SEARCHES AS COLLETTE TOLD ME!!

Of course i was sceptical of this and i was passed onto Collette's account manager another sales person who i will name as Jamie a irish complete liar! I do not know is these people are actually using their real names but i wanted to name and shame the people who was involved in taking me for 4 months at 119 pounds.

Basically i was told i will appear within the top 3 positions, and the service was a 1 month trial to see what results i would get! in matter of fact it isnt a 1 month trial as after my payment was taken the salesperson in this case COLLETTE rings you back and has a whole different attitude and speaks that fast you can barely understand what she is saying! the call is recorded and the salesperson states it is a 25 day rolling contract and not a 1 month as earlier stated!

I felt i was sweet talked into it but had no option to try it, after my month i received nothing at all! my website analytics did not improve so i emailed and rang the company! I recieved no response from who didnt want to know that my campaign wasnt working and then contact the name office number of 0161 236 4794 and spoke to Sam who informed me to email the google accounts via this lady clearly had no google experience and sounds like a sales person herself, i was not alowed to speak on the telephone only email and each time i rang the office i got continiously fobbed off.

I sent in my cancellation letter as the terms and conditions state and was still billed for a further 2 months!! I was so angry that i decided to visit the office!!! The business is based in the centre of Manchester at

3rd Floor
Basil House
105-107 portland street
M1 6DF

The office isnt very professional and looks a site from the outside, i buzzed the buzzer and again was fobbed off and nobody would come down or allow me to come up, Subway is opposite their office so i decided to grab a bite to eat, i watched as 8-10 young people piled outside to have a smoke, I quickly finished my sandwich and walked back into the office where the gullible youngsters allowed me to follow. the lift wasnt big enough for me but i waited for the 2nd trip!

As i landed on the 3rd floor the door read Thornley-Moore!!! (Simone Thornley) obviously being a founder of the company, it wasnt hard to work out the TM AND CO! i knocked but was ignored so i decided to walk into the office and OH MY GOD!!!

Lets just say health and safety would have a field day! they were 2 banks of desks with young people shouting down the telephones, throwing paper balls at each other with a radio blarting! the eldest person in the office looked no older than 22!
Wires were all over the office, and looked and sounded like a playground. i was quickly ushered out the door by somebody wearing trainers and was told to email only!!

ALL WHO READ THIS PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!! The website is less than 12 months old! There is no Google authorised reseller on their website and the whole business is run by inexperienced kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have directed health and safety to their office and am starting a petition for watchdog and trading standards!!!

i will update the links to my petition shortly


They are However decent companies who offer a google adwords service but are hard to find. MY TIPS ARE TO:

Ask future cold callers to email something.
Make sure they place your business on the first page before payment.
PAY via cheque or even bacs.
 Jan 17th, 2010