If anyone finds Mandy Curzon could they ask her to contact Tracey Goldstone on Facebook please. We were best friends for years when we were at school but have lost touch & I would so love to speak to her again :)
 Nov 21st, 2011
i recentley posted a message on this site, i sent it to the wrong site, the mandy curzon i reffered to is an actress, who has appeared in eastenders, and was born in cambridge and lives in london has nothing to do with the woman of the same name who appears to run some sort of phone line scam. i ment to send this posting to a celebrity site, i sent it here purley because the names are exact matched my appologies to all,from pass.
 Nov 17th, 2008
mandy curzon, born cambridge england,moved to london with family as a small child and still living in london,she has appeared in living doll,dark obsession,love is the devil,south bank show,eastenders and many more, very much attached(i imagine) appearence STUNNING.
 Oct 19th, 2008
Endless hassle from this bunch of cowboys. You can ring them back and give them a piece of your mind on 016-063-36400. Ask to speak to M Challinor. Satisfying even if doesnt stop the calls. I've only just rung them so dont know yet whether it will stop the calls...we'll see.
 Jul 22nd, 2008
This caller is a totally unscrupulous and probably illegal scam. Don't have anything to do with them!
 Jul 19th, 2008
tried calling back and got a "this number is not recognised"
 Jul 06th, 2008
Pain in the back side. They keep hanging up !
 Apr 02nd, 2008
had this call me several time in the last few days no one ever answers it and always hangs up on you nuisance calls should be reported to BT and have there number blocked
 Mar 31st, 2008
These poeple are crazy - it is Sunday morning and i have already received 2 calls from them. I am looking into legale action - as I am averaging about 10 calls a day at the moment! Will try the 0845 number to see if it at least stops the calls...
C Sheridan
 Mar 30th, 2008
This is a company called Amanico based in sension house denton drive northwich cheshire. they won't stop calling you no matter what you do. It is run by a girl called Mandy curzon and her boyfriend simon challinor they live in winsford cheshire. there are rumours floating around that the company is a front for drug peddling as they are both rumoured to be users, they employ 16 yr olds and just throw them onto the phones hoping for the best. even if you plead with them to tkae your name off they dont. there is more information on this company at who's callin me it makes very interesting reading
Karen Higgins
 Mar 30th, 2008
I've been having the same problems as everyone else with this number. They call at all times of the day and evening, they never leave a message on the machine, if i pick up the phone the line's dead, if i try calling the number back it's unrecognised. I don't care who they are i just want them to stop calling me as my number is ex directory and if i wanted life insurance or anything else i wouldn't sit at home by the phone just hoping that some random company would call me and offer it!! I called 0845 0560 451 and keyed in my number and a woman's voice told me my number would be removed from their records..let's hope i don't hear from them again :)
 Mar 24th, 2008
thay keep calling and because we dont speak until the caller does they just hang up they been ringing all weekend at different intervals
 Mar 24th, 2008
I keep getting a call from this no and when I go to ring back it say no not reconised
J Carter
 Mar 20th, 2008
next time I'll read comments before commenting... Whoops.
 Mar 17th, 2008
I think this is about selling life insurance because we filled in something like a survey over the net.
 Mar 17th, 2008
They are a company trying to sell you life insurance. They have an automatic dialer which keeps calling unless you speak to the supervisor to ask to have your number removed. You can also ring 0845 0560 451 and leave your number - this removes your number from their list but it takes 24 hours. The call lasts less than a minute so worth the money to have your number removed. These lunatics were ringing me once an hour!!!
 Mar 12th, 2008
They called but when I answered they hung up. No message left on answering machine
 Mar 07th, 2008
tried ringing back but always engaged!!
 Mar 06th, 2008