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C Atkinson
 Jul 21st, 2009
The number, above, has called my home number, on several occasions. On each occasion, I have answered the call, only to be greeted by silence (or the line going dead). I have, to date, refrained from calling back, since I assume that this is a company wishing that I would do so - probably wishing to sell insurance for the car I don't drive!!!

I would like to know the identity of the caller, in order to be aware of who I am being pestered by!
Mr H Farley
 May 01st, 2009
The number has dialled my home number, on several occasions. When I answer the phone, the line goes dead. I presume that it is a company wishing me to call back, which I have refrained from doing; I would, however, prefer to know who they are, so that they could be asked not to persist in this manner.
H Farley
 May 01st, 2009