Someone called offering his assistance to claim for my bank charges which I had been unfairly charged ,Never had any. Also had calls from 084-578-85522 claiming to do the same .He claimed to be Nationwide Bank when quizzed he gave me an old 16 digit number of a canceled card and gave me a Nat.Westminster Bank phone number 01274 740 071 at Central Hall Rd London ?? I don't think so. Beware!! Cant these guys get a life ,sad aren't they.
 Feb 25th, 2010
Someone who claimed to be working for Halifax Customers Services called me on 9 February 2010 offering his assistance to claim for my bank charges which I had been unfairly charged for the last 6 years. He asked for my bank card details and my security number which I did. Upon the advice of my coleagues, I cancelled my card straightaway because this sounds like another conman.
J Situn
 Feb 09th, 2010
My son has been getting calls from this number and 013-238-88121 they both seem to be the same people. We have had at least 3 calls a day for more than 3weeks now, they even called us on Christmas Day! They claim to be from his bank, Barclays, claiming to be a call centre in Eastbourne (which fits with the dialling code 01323). They have Indian or Pakistani accents but speak English with more of an American accent (if that makes sense?). They have a number of personal details and ask to confirm his credit card number, giving the first 4 figures and wanting the rest confirmed. They then ask for the 3 digit security code from the back of the card. They are very plausible and I can see that people could easily be fooled into giving the requested information. We have spoken to the Police and to Barclays Bank. The scam is being investigated but any further information that you have should be reported to the police. The problem is they are using an internet generated phone number, that's why you cant call them back. Because the number does not exist all of the blocking services won't work, making efforts to stop them pointless. The only answer seems to be to change phone numbers, and wait for the next scam caller! We think that they have got my sons details from his Face Book profile, or as a result of an on-line purchase he made in December.
going loopy
 Jan 22nd, 2010