Oct 04th, 2018
its took me from sept 09 to jan 2010. to finally corner these theiving scumbag bastards and get my money back £49.99
just send them notice of your intentions to sue their scummy arse`s and eventually you will get your refund.
but you have to be persistant with them and not give in!! . you will only get it back if your prepared to see it through till they can no longer legally hold out at their end. you have to fight for your cash, i know i`ve had to.
the will only refund you when they see your not gonna let it go. trading standards were intrested initially but could`nt do sod all in the end
other than concede that it was unfair of these tosser`s to do what they`re doing. in other words they could basically carry on fleeceing you
without any infringement of law.have banked my cheque but even now am not 100% convinced that its gonna clear & my cash is back in my hand!!
will have to wait and see.
 Jan 09th, 2010
they called me and i agreed to go threw with the claim on the promise i wuld get my money back if chose not to go through with it, but 4 months later i still havnt recieved my initial payment back. to add insult to injury they took the money out twice, and now won't pay me back, anyone else who wants to do sumthing about it can help me by writing to watchdog. thanks phill
philip nally
 Jan 07th, 2010
con artist.....rang me and said they worked for you to get back your bank charges, cort me off gard and befor i knew it they had all my details, i cancalled my card with the bank with 30 minutes of the call but it was too late they gad took £49.99 with out even telling me it would cost any hting. bad people be ware!
Shelley Veasey
 Oct 24th, 2009
Be careful. They took card details then took the money without telling me they were going to do it. £49.99 Dont pay it ask them lots of questions first and be aware. I think they are dodgy, i could not get back in contact with them after they called me
louise heighton
 Oct 16th, 2009
if your phoning people and that person answers DO NOT HANG UP as it is damn right rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Oct 07th, 2009
Had 2 calls from these people. Did bit investigating and found these 'claims management' companies have to be authorised and registered before they can do claim handling. Check out the Ministry of Justice website where you can do a search on companies. Banking Solutions Bureau is not there and Reclaim2Gain (Touch100 Ltd)is in liquidation and has voluntarily surrendered authorisation. Therefore, these companies are not legally allowed to provide these regulated services. I contacted Ministry of Justice and they took down all the information and said it would be investigated. Would suggest anyone contacted by these people do the same and eventually something might be done about these companies cashing in.
 Oct 05th, 2009
these people are big time fraude. they call me and said we are banking soloution the number was 012-537-57066.
these people are big time cheater they took my card no and i thought there is no money in my account and they cant take money but they bastered took £49.99 from my account. now they hung up phone and no answer. plz be aware from these people.i dont know how they got my no.
 Oct 02nd, 2009
From Companies House website.

Name & Registered Office:
Company No. 06903548

Name & Registered Office:
Company No. 06219028

Advert by David Hawarth:

Story about David Hawarth:

 Sep 11th, 2009
8 years on and Orange are still selling on my mobile numbers to idiots like this. Was going to move back to them but won't be now
 Aug 27th, 2009
in addition to to my last message why dont we all find out who they are and where they operate from and drop them of from blackpool tower,especially the very plausible young a,hole who told me she goes out clubbing it every night probably on the proceeds of the money she has stolen from working people.
 Aug 25th, 2009
got my first call today and spoke to a girl who promised me that they WOULD get all my bank chargesback as the court case had been decided.she stated the the charges are now illegal and for £49.99 they would recover all the money.I called my bank and the branch said that it was probaly some scam.on further investigation i found that the case has not been decided upon yet. I then called the number back and and explained to the girl my findings and she continued to claim that the law was now changed.I asked for the address of her company and she came out with a po box number,yeah right,and on further questioning she started to get a bit wound and agressive,she then said the company was registered at companies house and quoted the registration number as 06503548, on checking this it came up as THR limited,based in berckshire.despite the fact she insisted that she was in Blackpool.on conclusion I would not have anything to do with this whatever it may be as I am of the opinion it is just another scam to take money from people who are already having problems.I I am right I hope this operation and the rats who work for it rot in hell! good luck to you all and be carefull.
 Aug 25th, 2009
I've had multiple calls from them, but they always hang up when I answer. I've now added them as a contact called "Don't answer" and set my phone not to ring when they call.
 Aug 07th, 2009
Absolute shysters - they went after my son whose 18 years old - he's had a bank account for a few weeks yet they were going to take £49 to recover bank charges he's never paid. My son had the thought to tell me about it and I phoned them up (01253 757066) and spoke to Jamie - no scruples.
S Robinson
 Jul 27th, 2009
Can relate to the fact that they seem to be targeting Orange Customers as I am too. Further to my last post I spent a couple of hours on the phone to Trading Standards and the Financial Ombudsman Service. Trading Standards were very helpful and said that they would investiage the matter further but the F.O.S were a waste of time. Because of the fact that I wasn't naive enough to have actually handed over my bank details, technically they deemed my complaint non eligible. Furthermore the rather jumped up operator whose perfectly elocuted and patronising monologue suggested that there is NO legislation in place to stop such companies from "offering such services". The top and bottom of this is that this company is a subsidiary of Reclaim2gain, whose accounts with Companies House are overdue and whose chairman has a VERY shady background:
Billy Hunt
 Jul 18th, 2009
This company is obviously a scam. I’ve read a few posts now and they seem to follow the same structure of – the company gives you a missed call( I’m on orange network as many people seem to be but not sure if this has any relevance) when you call back they introduce themselves as banking solutions. This company have nothing to do with anything financial and is a total SCAM!

Stories of refunded bank charges for last 6 years and anything of similar are well wide of the mark. Fundamental rule, DO NOT GIVE YOU BANK DETAILS OVER THE PHONE to anyone.These calls waist everyones time and im pretty sure should be illegal!

If I knew how to report this company I would. Anyone any ideas how we can close this operation down?
Mr Irate
 Jul 17th, 2009
Received a phone call exactly the same as one of the other posts on here by Leza. My mobile phone rang once & stopped. Phone the number back and a company going under the name of Banking Solutions Bureau told me that the Office of Fair Trade and Trading Standards had overturned the banks appeal against illegal charges and that I was elligible for a refund of all banking charges for the last 6 years with 8% interest on top of this. All that was required was a small fee of £49.99 to cover their admin, furthermore all I needed to do was give them my card number and the process would begin. Two things, I have been very close to bankrupcy and so the lure of having all banking charges refunded for the last 6 years immediately put £ signs in front of my eyes, however as soon as my card details were asked for I caught on (felt like I'd been called by George Agdgdgwngo off Fonejacker!). The appeal regarding illegal charges is not to be heard in the House of Lords until October this year so what they are offering is less than a half truth, second of all is them giving me a missed call on my mobile. Like most people curiosity getting the better of me, by ringing THEM back the legal loophole is opened up as YOU have solicited THEIR services by ringing them. Clever... Even the official sounding name "Banking Solutions Bureau" sounds like some quasi Financial Watchdog institution. Suffice to say I will not be enlisting their services or parting with my hard earned fifty quid! Caveat emptor!
Billy Hunt
 Jul 08th, 2009
I recieved many calls from this number earlier this morning. No voicemail was left. When I eventually answered it was an African man whom said it was HSBC (I bank with Barclays) and told me I needed to discuss my APR! They then asked me to verify my card number. I obvioulsy put the phone down atthis point, but some people might get sucked in to this.

Do not get sucked in -- they are trying to steal your money.

He said his name was KWEKU?
 Jul 07th, 2009
they have called me 5 times this evening, they dont leave a message-i havent answered

 Jul 07th, 2009
Who is this they keep calling
 Jul 02nd, 2009
They called me and said that the government was giving back bank charges for the last 6 years and he needed my bank details so they could pay the money into my bank account, he also wanted to know about any other card i have. I was 5 numbers into giving my card number when it clicked.

He said his name was Jamie, BE AWARE
 Jul 01st, 2009