Just returned a call and text from this company.

When I called back, they asked for my phone details and then my name etc. Refused to give my name until they told me who they were calling. Oddly enough, they came up with a name very different to mine. Even odder, as soon as I said that wasn't my name they said they'd remove my details from their system (without me requesting it!). Would have thought something genuine would have been more difficult to deal with than this!

I'd just returned from Las Vegas where I used my mobile number to hire a suit. This is the only time I give my mobile to companies so is either a complete cold call or came from there.
 Apr 21st, 2012
Had a few calls from this number, said i owed money on a catalogue, but im sure i paid it off few years back.
Amanda birks
 Feb 17th, 2010
ME TOO TODAY AT 8.20AM! told me i have a littlewoods account outstanding ! had to pay asap otherwise someone will be coming out to my house!
 Dec 30th, 2009
pay them nothing , visit the site
here they will tell you how
 Dec 23rd, 2009
ALSO i also have had a call from this company for a mobile phone bill from vodafone , never been with vodafone told them politely to f--- off.
 Dec 23rd, 2009
I had a call from this number 01204 772955. They demanded I confirm who I was. I asked who they are and they are Fredrikson International - a debt collection agency. AParantly I have an outstanding mobile phone bill - funny that I am on a pay as you go!!! They demanded I pay. Told them to get stuffed.
 Dec 22nd, 2009