I have also received multiple phone calls from this number and I was told not to answer the call because they can charge your phone company and there is nothing you can do about it. It's a scam and it's not chase card service!
 Oct 22nd, 2010
"Why would they just hang up on some calls ..."

Mazey: Abandoned calls are a common by-product of predictive dialing, which the human reps do not control. Doesn't make it right or exempt their bosses from blame, of course. Your caution is justified but you may be overstating the threat until you learn more.
 Oct 15th, 2010
Called my Google Voice number from 011-84-74-883313, so it went through as it was not sent automatically to voice mail. Very sneaky of Chase but now I am on to what they are doing and they won't get away with it twice!
 Oct 12th, 2010
check out the comments for 847-488-3313.
 Oct 12th, 2010
I get calls from Chase & they leave messages. Chase emails updates every day to me. Why would they just hang up on some calls and leave messages on others? Besides, my wife handles all our bills. She is our 1st contact. To call me and just hang up is pointless. It must be Homer Simpson and his robo-phone. Anything else would just make me paranoid.

This is a fishing trip for someone. Call the number & get huge charges. Otherwise, the voicemail message contains a virus for a smart phone. Or they are just hoping you don't answer so they can hack into your phone while your voicemail message is running. Smart-phone techs understand how this is possible. I have an Android & my wife has an iPhone. Someone already showed how to hack into the iPhone using voicemail.

I have reported this issue to my phone company. Chase is not calling you from an international phone number.
 Oct 11th, 2010
called last 3 days wont answer international nimbers
slik willy
 Jul 23rd, 2010
Do NOT give them any any any of your personal data. They are the same people who are calling from all over the U.S. 12, 16, 22 times a day claiming "this is about a pussonal banking muttuh". Their accent pegs them as being obviously from India, but they say they are something like "Adam Clark" or "Michelle". First thing they want is your SS #, your credit card number, your mother's maiden name, but they stumble all over themselves if you question them as to what this is really about, where they are calling from, who their supervisor is etc.
 Jun 17th, 2010
This is NOT Chase Card Services! These are FRAUDULENT calls from SCAMMERS!
 Jun 17th, 2010
I have been getting this call several times a day. Called chase they don't know about any collection agency. problem started when I had an issue with t-mobile and ended up talking to some one in india to resolve the issue. After that I have been getting these call. The unusual thing is that the number is in Elgin Illinois but the number shows up on my phone either with a + sign in front of it or has 011 international code before it. I had used a chase card to purchase time for my phone. Has any one else used their chase card and had to deal with india?
 Jun 03rd, 2010
Well the good news is chase has gone overseas & most of us know better than to answer out of country calls on our dime lol
 Apr 20th, 2010
This is Chase USA credit card services - Bill Collector
 Dec 30th, 2009
Yes it is Chase Card Services.
 Jun 09th, 2009
I am getting calls from this number too, I never answered
 Mar 21st, 2009
maybe is a collector
 Jan 28th, 2009