It seemed like one of those things where they offer you a cheap vacation in exchange for sitting in at a seminar on buying timeshares, but on further inspection I'm almost positive it's a scam. The woman insisted I had to give her my credit card number right then, over the phone, to "hold my vacation package". When I told her I didn't feel comfortable with giving out my CC# to someone over the phone calling from an international number, she got very passive-aggresive and said things like, "Well, if you're not interested in the package, I'm sure the next person will be, we only have about 4 or 5 left, and if you don't sign up now, you won't get it. This is a one time opportunity." I repeated that I needed more info before I just gave out personal information, and she said, "Well, it's your choice if you don't want the package then."
Also, it's a 10 day trip to Cancun and Orlando for 4 people with passes to Disney world for only $297. The best package I have ever heard of from one of these timeshare seminars is maybe 3 days in Florida for 2 people. This is way too good to be true, and they're too eager to get yopur credit card #.
Don't give these people any info.
 Apr 17th, 2007