"jason" said he can get me lower interest rates on my visa or m/c. Knowing it was a scam, I played along to see what all they would ask of me. He asked for my last four SS, then my 800# on back of card, the expiration of card, then the card number itself. Then he told me to hold while he confirmed my account was in good standing. Came back 2 mins later to say that I was denied because my account was not in good standing, as I was over my credit limit!! Which of course was a lie - cause all of the numbers and info I gave him were completely fake and made up. Even my name was fictitious! I don't know what he did when he put me on hold, but he proceeded to tell me a lie that my card was not in good standing. I told him ALL of my cards are in excellent standing. He said well let's try another then, ok? I said ok and we did the whole cherrade over again. Same results. I told him I'd like to go online and look at their website and he said "well it's down right now". I said, well can you tell me the name of your website so I can go later and look at it? he said, how about if I call you when it's back up? I said, oh sure, that's fine. This was such a game. If i'd been busy I'd a told him to go F himself, but I was bored and in the mood to waste his time. It was fun. But what's not fun is when someone really gets scammed. PEOPLE DO NOT GIVE YOUR CC INFORMATION TO ANY OF THESE CALLERS. They are trying to ROB you!!! You CC company would not call you up like that with a ridiculous offer and want you private info.
 Sep 20th, 2007