When I asked Rachel who she worked for, she told me "Warranty Activation Center". When I asked her again, she swore at me and hung up. First class organization here. ALL LOSERS
 Dec 21st, 2007
Answered phone to hear a pre-recorded message warning me that I was about to "miss the deadline" for extending warranty coverage on my vehicle. Um, I actually missed that deadline about 5 years ago ... but that's apparently not the point. :) I played along, pressed 1 to speak with an agent, and was put on hold. THEY called ME and then put me on hold?!?! So after a minute or two a woman answers and asks if I'm interested in warranty coverage. I said I'm interested in getting information. She said, "I'll just need to get some information on your vehicle". (This being the vehicle that they somehow "knew" to be nearing the deadline for extending coverage.) When she asked for information on my vehicle, I asked, "Which one?" -- to which she promptly hung up. I'm filing a complaint. Hopefully if enough people complain, their actions my eventually catch up with them.
 Dec 21st, 2007