they continually call me telling me that I need to increase my payments from £5 to £20 more monthly at present I owe them £11 in total so no way am I going to increase to £20 when I owe only £11 must think Im stupid! continually calling me day after day
 Feb 26th, 2013
lowell finance
 Jan 23rd, 2012
I got this call to my Mobil today " hello is that glynis bell" yes I said " oh good I just need to run through some security questions with you can you give me your full name ,date of birth and full postal address" where I asked excuse me but who are you? got told we are lol and I asked who then he rattled off several other companies none of them i had heard off...I went on to tell him never heard of any of them and what did he want?"I need you to confirm the security questions for us to proceed " is the answer I received from the gentleman. I then told him dont know who you are never heard of you and never had any dealings with you so will not give you any information and goodbye.
Glynis Bell
 Jan 20th, 2012