Attempted to scam me out of my credit card details with fake virus warnings. Be carefull of these people
 Jun 30th, 2012
just wondering if theres a link here, i am an eircom customer had a missed call from this number today. Is it maybe eircom customers they seem to have information for
 Jun 27th, 2012
Got a coll today from them, Microsoft Operating System related. Total crap. When I told them I dont want to be called anymore and am not interested in any interaction, he got angry. Told them I am not interested and his response was : but I am interested in you - Yeah, I. Bet they are. Total scam...
Just wondering where they got the number and name from as we are not listed in any phone book. ( we are in Ireland)
 Jun 27th, 2012
Got the same call, usually we get this form a 01 number this time from "UK". Woman was getting abusive as well when I demanded over and over again her name and from which company she is calling (Tech Support), got quite aggressive however I was persistant in that she is giving me name and phone number so she hung up. She gave me a phone number though which is made up as the caller ID showed the number above.
Scaringly enough though she knew exactly our names (first and last), that we are married... so how do they get that information? From a utility bill? Are companies selling their customers data????
Mrs G
 Jun 20th, 2012
I also got call at my house and they called my parents house last week and spooked my Dad who is not very technical with a computer, when I took over the call and accused the caller of being a liar and trying to SCAM my Dad they got very defensive and started shouting instructing me to LISTEN TO WHAT SHE WAS SAYING, so I abused the SCUMBAG and hung up!! TOTAL SCAMMERS!! BEWARE and never give any personal info out over the phone or download anything to your computer on direction from people who make calls to you claiming your computer is infected with a Virus, How would they know???
 Jun 13th, 2012
Got this call on 13/06/12 in Republic of Ireland at my mothers house. South african sounding woman called about my problems with my PC. I told her I didn't believe her, that I'm a software engineer and what she was saying was a lie. She started to get abusive so I hung up.
 Jun 13th, 2012
I have just recieved a call from this number in the last few minutes, they wanted me to sit in front of my PC and they will show me how to fix, I said no thanks and told them to stop ringing me and then they threatened to press charges, has to be a scam,
 Jun 12th, 2012
Received here in Co. Cork, Southern Ireland. Usual scam rubbish about problems with my P.C. Spent a few minutes wasting their time bfore THEY hung up on me!
 Jun 08th, 2012
I purposely didn't answer a call from this number today. I get these fake calls all the time so I usually just hang up straight away. Other good option is to put the phone down and leave them on the line and waste their cash. I'm in Ireland by the way.
 May 14th, 2012
Asked for me by surname also (with very bad pronunciation of the English language), something about malicious downloads re our computer- I hung up on her. Very noisy background- sounded like a call-centre.
 May 10th, 2012
I am also in Ireland and received a call from this number today (08/05/12) with an Indian/Pakistany sounding man (who asked for me by surname) on to tell me he was from Microsoft and they had received an error from my windows pc to their server's. I hung up at that stage because I know for sure Microsoft are not that proactive.
 May 08th, 2012
Got a call today from the above number asking if we possess a computer when we said no they just hung up so be weary...I am based in Ireland. This is a UK number.
 May 07th, 2012
Scam about there is a problem with your computer, Claimed to be microsoft support. Very persistent
 May 04th, 2012