I clicked on an article on Facebook and received a message that a problem occurred on my computer and call a specific number. The message stated not to reboot my computer in fear that my hard drive would be erased. I did reboot my computer and there nothing was lost.

Shortly after I began receiving calls from 500-01, 000-000-0000, 408-500-001, and 617-714-0762, 740-200-5131(IRS Scam). These numbers are from India and Massachusetts. THIS IS A MALWARE CALL ATTEMPTING TO GET YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION OR TO PAY RANSOM FOR YOUR DATA.
 Oct 31st, 2015
ITS A SCAM!!!!!!!!! some guy who cant speak any English said I was getting $10,000 from the federal government but he needed my bank account number or mailing address to send the check.I keep egging him on and asking a million questions until he got mad and said. "you think this is all bull shit huh" I said yes and I'm not giving you shit after leading him on for 15mins. then he hung up. the next day he called me back saying the same crap so i just hung up.
 Feb 19th, 2014
They call and they have a spoofed id showing on my cell. No message, and its a robocall.
So sick and tired of people getting away with this kinda thing!
 Feb 15th, 2014