I got two (fax machine) calls this morning from this number. The first came around 08:45 CDT. The second was at 08:51. Both showed up as PRIVACYDIRECTOR as they always do (this is at least the 78th call I've received from this number). As I said in my first post, my fax machine won't pick it up when privacy director is turned on. The problem is, when I turn privacy director OFF, then I don't get the number displayed on my caller ID.

I turned off the privacy director service and another call came in five minutes later. The caller ID said the number was 000-000-0000 and PrivDirOff as the name. But I'm nearly certain that this last call was also from 205-967-5452. Most fax machines will redial a number if they don't connect in 5 minutes.

Since the privacy director was off, my fax machine picked it up:

If anyone knows about any lawsuits related to this number, please let me know:
 Sep 06th, 2007
Hangs up on Machine, no msg
 May 30th, 2007