I received a fraudulent inquiry this morning. Here's the entire e-mail:

From: wilson brenald <>
Sent: Monday, March 12, 2018 9:08 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: INQUIRY

I am interested in and would like to get a quote on the listed items;

1.4,000w Magnum Energy MS4024PAE Inverter/charger.

2.12V 200Ah AGM Batteries

3.270w/280w Solar Modules Mono or Poly Crystalline.

4)SQFLEX 11-2 or 10SQE10-290 GRUNDFOS PUMP

Please advice us on the lead time for delivery if you have any in stock.
Your earliest reply will be more appreciated.

Kind Regards
Wilson Brenald

TC-Drilling Inc
10017 Scripps Ranch Blvd
San Diego, CA 92131
Phone- 430-808-1252
Fax- 430-201-2333

From: "wilson brenald" <>
To: <undisclosed-recipients:>
Subject: INQUIRY
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2018 21:08:07 -0600
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 Mar 13th, 2018
720-000-0001 is obviously a phony phone number. I am not dumb enough to pick this up these people should be arrested
 Sep 26th, 2017
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New Jersey
 Jun 10th, 2017
Never answer, never a message. Other sites say these three numbers are the same scammers, possibly "Serve Power." 708-000-0001 called maybe three times. Then they called about a dozen times in one week from 708-571-0409. In the last two days they've called a couple times to 224-255-3627. I'm on "Do Not Call."
 Feb 13th, 2014
(213)000-0001 Called my cell number, when I answered it I did not hear anything.It was silent. I am not sure if anyone tried to put a bug in my cell phone and listen to all my calls and track me down all the time. VERY POSSIBLE!!!
 Oct 03rd, 2013

"The Wells Fargo Impostor Scam, as it’s being called, contacts people by phone or text and alerts them that their bank account has been frozen because someone has been using it illegally.

Then, it advises customers that if they want to un-freeze their account, they will need to provide their personal banking information.

People who do provide that information soon start to see unauthorized charges multiplying on their account from overseas.

“It's just a very difficult situation. I know people get very frustrated. They want to know what we can do and what we are doing is getting out the word and letting people know to be careful about these things to protect yourself and your personal financial information," explained Tony Green, with the Oregon Dept. of Justice.

Green said the best way a customer can protect themselves against this kind of scam is to hang up the phone and never respond to text messages that ask for personal banking information.

That’s because banks already have that information about each of their customers, so there would be no reason they would need to get it again."
More Info
 Jun 30th, 2012
Received on my cell phone:
From INFOWF Wells Fargo Bank
"Your account with Wells Fargo has been deactivated.
To reactivate call 866-288-3238 Thanks"

I have never had an account with Wells Fargo Bank
Could be a phishing scam.
Fed Up
 Jun 30th, 2012
Untrue Destiny
 Apr 17th, 2012
Digital Journal has (as of the same day I'm writing this), published a report about these annoying phone calls from obscure numbers. Over the last few days, I have been reading the postings here at WhoCalledUs. The story is the same: The Phone Company bundles numbers, which are then sold. These numbers are bundled into groups of 1,000 numbers. If a complaint is filed against one number, the people who own it can simply roll over to the next number in the bundle. For example, 856-201-0001 will change to 856-201-0002.

You and I pay a lot for our home, cell, and office phones. Many of us have joined DoNotCall, and wonder why it is not blocking these harassing calls. If it could be made unprofitable for the Phone Company to bundle numbers and sell them, that might put the brakes on this kind of annoyance. Unfortunately, they will find another way to get around any firewalls. They are making too much money.
Cheryl Walker
 Nov 15th, 2011
Mike, I agree with you completely, that this is a form of bullying and harassment. A person who lives due south and right next door to me has been harassing me using the phone ever since he moved in, starting October 10, 1999. He thinks it is cute to harass women who have no man in the house to stand up for them. I also have definite reason to know that he is connected with drug cartels in Mexico and Venezuela, but the police here are paid off by his "friends" and won't do anything to stop his racketeering. So, I try to ignore him and hope that he will stay out of my way.

When I had an answering machine on my phone, he fried each one. After the second one, I gave up on answering machines altogether. I know he watches for when I leave home and when I return. He probably even keeps track of when I'm in the "necessary room" by when the light and the heater/AC is on. When I go out to mow the lawn, he hides in a window, taking pictures of me.

You can bet that within the hour, the scam and spam phone calls will begin. (I just hung up a while ago with a friend, and no sooner did I hang up, than a nuisance call began to ring. Now, I have caller ID, and as soon as I see the tell-tale IDs of "Toll Free Call", "Private Caller", or "Incoming Call", I know not to answer at all. I have filed reports with whocalledus, Number investigator, Do Not Call, and the FCC. All of this keeps right on happening, especially those credit card bimbos. The next thing left to do is to contact my local elected officials.

The real criminal, as stated in postings here at whocalledus for various numbers is the phone company (dare I suggest AT&T?). According to the postings, the phone company sells blocks of phone numbers (to whom?), and then this source packages the numbers in lots of 1,000. One such package is allegedly owned by a company in Hong Kong.

The Attorney General's office will check on numbers for which it receives complaints, but it takes two weeks to get an investigation going, say for the number 835-210-0001. By the time two weeks are up, the number has been rolled over to 835-210-0002.

This practice of selling blocks of numbers must stop. You and I and everyone who has a home, cell, or office phone pays a lot for that privilege and that number. The Attorney General should investigate the Phone Company, and fast! (But the Phone Company makes money this way. Well, it's consumer fraud.) Thanks for letting me have my say.
 Nov 14th, 2011
The comments posted here at whocalledus under various numbers come down to this: Your local phone company sells blocks of phone numbers that are packaged in lots of 1,000, and sold again to an end user. The Attorney General could track down complaints about a number starting with area code 85*, followed by what looks like a regular phone number. However, it takes the AG a good two weeks to track down the number, say 856-210-0001. -- By the end of those two weeks, the number owner has switched to 856-201-0002. For one such block of numbers, it was stated that the owner was in Hong Kong.

The problem with the phone company selling these these blocks of numbers needs to be addressed. Phone numbers should not be a marketable commodity on the open market. We pay plenty for our home, cell, and office numbers. The real criminal is the phone company!
 Nov 13th, 2011
Says "New York". If you pick up the phone and no one is there, it is probably a robo-dialer. So:
If you don't recognize the number, pick up, DO NOT SPEAK, keep pressing the POUND KEY (#), 10 or 12 times, and then hang up. This sends a signal (tone) to the robo-dialer which in essences says, "There's something wrong with this line, remove the number from your database".
The reason no one is there is that they don't want to waste THEIR time and money paying a human on their end, so the robodialer just wants to know approximately what time a human answers; if you say hello, then they know that at say 3:00 PM on a weekday, someone answers. Tomorrow the same thing will happen, no one will be there, and let's say it's 2:00 PM; now on the third time they call they are pretty sure that someone at your house is home between 2:00 and 3:00 PM on a weekday and ONLY THEN will they have an operator on their end; and, it will probably NOT be from the same extension that has been making the ghost calls.
They will NEVER stop calling, because they buy a block of say 1,000 numbers from a re-seller in Hong Kong; they will start using xxx-0001 for 2 weeks, and then move to xxx-0002 for 2 weeks, and so on. Why? Because if the Attorney General tries to investigate the 0001 number, it's no longer being used, and the phone company DOES NOT CARE that these people keep calling, they are only interested in selling block of numbers. The AG can't stop them. So, what to do? CALL CONGRESS! CALL THEM EVERY TIME YOU GET A GHOST CALL. Call your state representatives and tie up their phones too. Notice how the b*stards in Congress have exempted themselves from political calls and exempted charities, like Planned Parenthood.
 Oct 28th, 2011
Called at 3:33 PM Sunday afternoon, no message left. Folks, if you get a call and no one is there, keep hitting the POUND KEY, and then hang up. No one is there because it is a robot dialer and they will keep calling until they get a report on approximately what times of the day a human voice answers, and then they will have their own representative available. This has been going on for years, and Verizon and Attorney Generals will tell you there is nothing they can do, because the calls end up being traced to Hong Kong. Here;s why:
Someone outside the U.S., Hong Kong for example, buys a block of 10,000 numbers from your local phone company. They then re-sell them to scammers in the U.S., for instance 1,000 numbers at a time. So, a scammer will buy the numbers 283-0001 to 283-1000 ( a thousand total numbers) and robcalls will start dialing household numbers, for instance, they will call your house on Monday at 2:00PM, if no one answers, they will call back at 4:00 PM on Thursday. If someone answers, and they don't have an operator available, they will hang up, but now they know that a human might answer at around 4:00 PM on weekdays. So, they may call the next day around 4:00, and when you answer, they go through their spiel.
How to thwart them:
1) Look at the caller ID.
2) If it says "unavailable", or wireless caller, or Texas,, or any number you don't recognize, DON'T SAY ANYTHING. Instead, hit the POUND KEY repeatedly, and hang up. The robocaller is instructed to DELETE the number it calls (your number) from its database, when it hears the tones of the pound key, it's that simple.
 Feb 13th, 2011
This number has been calling quite often lately. I am now reporting it to DNC. They do not leave a message and now almost immediately after the 603-214-3672 number calls, a call comes in from 1-800-000-0001. Report them for every call. It takes a few minutes, but it's the only way they are going to be stopped.
 Jan 26th, 2011
Got a call from 303-000-0001. Said they were representing UNUM insurance. Had all of my personal information plus a s.s. number. reported to police & FTE
Linda Arrossa
 Oct 12th, 2010
 Oct 12th, 2010
I have received several calls with that 000 exchange, 210-000-5567, 800-000-0001, 729-000-4282 and do not answer them anymore when I see 000. No ID is ever attached to these numbers. If I pick up before I see that, it is a recording that gets 1 second of my time before I hang up. How is this 000 exchange done? Is it ever legitimate?
 Sep 15th, 2010
You can stop most all land line calls if you have desktop computer and a phone modem. If you have that then all a person needs is a copy of Call Audit from Mountain Systems at The program is only 30 and well worth it, there is also a free 30 trial just to see if you would like it.
 May 23rd, 2010
This number belongs to:

Avista Utilities (Formerly Washington Water and Power [WWP])
1411 E. Mission Avenue
Spokane, WA 99252-0001

Avista Utilities
Customer Service, MSC-34
P.O. Box 3727
Spokane, WA 99220-3727

Media Inquiries
Journalists and media professionals can contact our Corporate Communications department at 509-495-4174.
Avista Corp.
Corporate Communications, MSC-18
P.O. Box 3727
Spokane, WA 99220-3727
Telephone: 509-495-8090
Facsimile: 509-495-8725
24-Hour Media Line: 509-495-4174
Media Website:
Media: Jessie Wuerst 509-495-8578
Investors: Jason Lang 509-495-2930

Company Website:

Founded in 1889, Avista engages in energy production, transmission and distribution, as well as other energy-rated activities.

An investor-owned utility (NYSE symbol: AVA - with annual revenues of more than $1.3 billion (2009).

Spokane, WA – May 06, 2010, 4:05 a.m. PDT: Avista Corporation (NYSE: AVA) today reported net income attributable to Avista Corporation of $28.8 million, or $0.52 per diluted share, for the first quarter of 2010. Avista provides electric and natural gas service to about 481,000 customers in a service territory of more than 30,000 square miles.

Avista Utilities offers NO customer-direct assistance for the needy. All assistance is submitted to outside enities who control and dispurse the funds. One such enity, S.N.A.P. [Spokane Neighborhood Assistance Program -] 3102 W. Fort George Wright Drive, Spokane, WA 99224, Telephone: 509-456-7111, Facsimile: 509-534-5874. When asked for information regarding the percentage of funds actually used for customer assistance, SNAP employee ******* stated "I can't tell you that!"
 May 06th, 2010
Nuvell/National/GM Finance. Heartless and over-eager collectors who will call you, your job, your neighbor or anyone with your last name, alive or dead.

Also using 800-000-0001
 Sep 30th, 2009
Received call on cell from 800-000-0001.
Female voice asking me to pass a message to a person I've never heard off.
Caller referred to me by name.
 May 22nd, 2009
Added to my list of blocked numbers.... why can't non-Voip providers give this service? I will never go back. This in itelf is worth my $15.95 bill each month.

Your Call Blocking settings have been saved.

Block specific numbers below from reaching your phone. Enter the number you would like to block and click "save". You may unblock any number by clicking "remove" once the number is blocked.
Blocked Numbers

888-964-3562 [ Remove]
888-866-1212 [ Remove]
949-255-7532 [ Remove]
732-512-9800 [ Remove]
866-275-7387 [ Remove]
732-518-9800 [ Remove]
866-836-8338 [ Remove]
214-283-1316 [ Remove]
300-000-0001 [ Remove]
000-000-0000 [ Remove]
484-395-0022 [ Remove]
800-995-4532 [ Remove]
800-511-1839 [ Remove]
866-831-4847 [ Remove]
866-290-6227 [ Remove]
866-290-7821 [ Remove]
800-470-0768 [ Remove]
850-475-5122 [ Remove]
401-828-4545 [ Remove]
413-283-9609 [ Remove]
(508) 294-0263 [ Remove]
(508) 248-7240 [ Remove]
(508) 826-6855 [ Remove]
(508) 797-3978 [ Remove]
(413) 283-9610 [ Remove]
(508) 919-0900 [ Remove]
(850) 648-6744 [ Remove]
(785) 735-2215 [ Remove]
(800) 931-6388 [ Remove]
(866) 290-6519 [ Remove]
(904) 398-4657 [ Remove]
(866) 290-4961 [ Remove]
(561) 963-3697 [ Remove]
(305) 408-6643 [ Remove]
 Nov 26th, 2008
This number called me twice within a couple of hours...on my cell phone. I didn't answer either time. I have been getting several calls lately from the auto warranty is expiring, so I do not answer anything not recognized anymore. I also add an entry into my cell phone as "Dont' Answer" with the number saved.

I think these rougue companies are WAR dialing. They pick an area code and prefix then just start dialing the last 4...0000, 0001, 0002, etc. It's the equivelant to spam emails. The rogue company uses statistics to sell using an automated caller. If you sell one "warranty" to every 10,000 calls...and the automated message calls 10 million calls a year with a profit of $100 per sale then you have 1000 sales per year with a profit of $100,000.

Educate all of your non-techy and non-savvy electronic users of cell phones and computers about this scam. And even the ones who may be rather savvy!
 Aug 27th, 2008
Second early-morning call by "Diane Peterson" with a request to call 866-648-8591 about some important matter I wrote. Gee the three editors I know all have legitimate CID's
 Jun 27th, 2008
Been getting calls from this number, as well as scrambled digits (12 or 13 numbers show up on caller id). I got my cell phone bill today and they've been using my number to spam people apparently. There are dozens of outbound calls to 777-000-0001. Keep an eye on your bill!
 Dec 17th, 2007
They call but I use an answering machine to further screen and they always hang up during the message. No idea what they want.
 Nov 10th, 2007
okay law enforcement and investigator people. hopefully you have already figured out that this criminal is either a bank employee or someone hacking into the Bank's computer records. proof? well i didn't get any calls for a long time after i refused to answer and threatened to share the info that i gathered from my research. then THE EXACT SAME DAY i change my account, just out of the blue....after all that time not calling me..i get a call from 000-000-0000 which is linked to 727-541-0001 (they give the exact same schpeel) the probability of them calling me RIGHT after i change my info and NOT having direct access to bank records.... is incredibly small.

secondly, i have a feeling i know who this scam conartist is but i am not 100% sure so i choose not to tell the FBI unless they asked me. i don't want to be telling on people who i have no solid evidence on. i just hope the FBI has not left this stone unturned.

IS there ANYONE else out there who think they know who this scammer (ring leader) is ? or is it just me?
 May 18th, 2007
I've received lots of calls from 702-553-0594, 800-266-9420, 813-541-0001 and 800-871-0631 (as well as lots of restricted, unavailable & 000-000-0000 caller IDs.)

They all loop back to a few organizations: Adaptive Marketing LLC, UMG, plus a couple of others.

Their conduct constitutes violations of federal telemarketing laws (calling DNC numbers, concealing caller IDs or company names, etc.), harassment, intimidation, retaliation and assault (cursing at us when we don't buy their garbage). These violations are worth at least $10,000 PER CALL so get a percentage-based attorney and go make some money!

I have to add a side note: do not listen to any input from any person that fails to consider the legal ramifications of the actions and conduct of these organizations. I have to wonder about the motives of people who seem to believe it is legal for organizations to harass and intimidate people into accepting charges for services that we do not want and who also advocate that it is somehow legal for those same entities to blatantly ignore and violate the law in an attempt to increase revenues. It makes me think that in addition to being egregiously incorrect in their conclusions perhaps they also work for the same organizations that are harassing all of us.
 Feb 10th, 2007
I get calls from this number all of the time. The name is Security Screen.
mary b
 Nov 09th, 2006
These calls come at all and night. Fake business names, fake phone numbers. I'm so tired of paying for a land line in order for them to harass me.
Michele O.
 Oct 25th, 2006
Now they're typing in 000-000-0001. I would turn them in to the FTC but don't know the real company name or the real phone number. They call at all hours...7:30 Sun. a.m.
Michele O
 Oct 24th, 2006